Dapsity: Swipe Your Way to a Killer Internship

Finding the perfect internship or job can now be just as easy as finding cute guys.

Dapsity is an app that allows you to search hundreds of open positions based on your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. Users can privately link profiles to their Dapsity accounts and see companies that are hiring in places the users already have contacts.

This app is similar to “Tinder” in that the user swipes left and right to indicate interests. Instead of matching with cuties in your area, however, you’ll get awesome job and internship opportunities (which may be a lot more rewarding than a message from a creepy dude).

Co-founder Jarrod Swanson was looking to move from tech sales but was unimpressed with job search apps that gave him results he wasn’t interested in. After brainstorming and researching with his brother, they came up with the idea for Dapsity and got to work. In regards to the inspiration for the name, Swanson said, “The name Dapsity comes from the word ‘daps’ which means the knocking of fists as a greeting. So we’re giving daps to job seekers all around the world.”

Some cool features of the app include applying or emailing for jobs straight from the app, retrieving accidentally deleted positions, and changing your preferences to find the perfect job for you. The radius is set to within 25 miles, but according to the Dapsity website, that may be customizable in the near future.

Dapsity currently has over 1 million jobs in over 50 countries available to search.

You can download Dapsity for free in the App Store. At this time, it has eight reviews and five stars.

Daps to you, job seekers!