How To Find A Hobby

Between classes, working out, and finding time to hang out with friends, there really isn’t much time for anything else, but what if you feel like you DO need something else? As a 21 year old quickly approaching the end of my college career, I feel like I need something else to not only keep me busy, but also keep me learning. And what better way to do this then pick up a new hobby? The list below will give you a few options to try out if you, too, need something new and exciting to do in your free time!  

1. Pick up a new sport

Being active is a great way to keep your adrenaline up and also keep the weight down. I know I personally don’t love working out at the gym, so this is a great way to combine two hobbies in one.   

2. Start reading again

This is something most of us stopped once we went to college. Between reading textbooks and studying for exams, most of us don’t feel like picking up another book. Reading can be extremely relaxing and a great alternative to watching netflix. So next time you think about watching that next episode, maybe turn it off and start reading a novel.  

3. Start a blog

Writing has always been a passion of mine and I have always wanted to put my thoughts in one place, but I was never sure how to really get started. This is something that can both be therapeutic and motivating. Getting your thoughts on paper can never really be a mistake, even if it’s just for you to read.  

4. Get out in nature

Whether this be hiking up a rugged trail or even just a walk in the park, nature can have some rejuvenating qualities that we usually take for granted. I have always loved exploring the outdoors. Maybe even grab a few friends and go on a camping trip!  

5. Get cooking

This is something that I could definitely pick up. My diet currently consists of frozen meals and boxed pasta, but I know how great it would feel to cook a meal that is both healthy and homemade. Cooking for yourself can be fulfilling and relaxing, especially if you try out one of those Tasty videos from Facebook.

Whatever hobby you choose, you really can’t go wrong. As long as you are stepping out of your comfort zone and finding that time to unwind, any of these hobbies can help you find that inner peace. Happy hobbying!!