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How To Expose A Gym Rat

Step one: Identify the Gym Rat

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They are generally easy to identify. Once in the gym, follow the very loud grunts and you should find their home, AKA the weight room. They typically tend to be dressed in gym shorts, a “bro tank” and will have gallon bottles or a protein shaker. They also only travel in packs.

Step two: Address the Gym Rat

Think you might have a gym rat? Talk to them. If they mention the following then they are gym rats: bro, bruh, brah, protein, supplements, etc.

Step three: Talk to the Gym Rat

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This may be one of the hardest steps, because you need to learn their language quickly. If you go up and ask about homework, you will have failed. Ask what supplements they use, what protein they’re sippin on, or how much they lift. For the lifting one, be specific. What kind of lifting, down to the very muscle group that is being focused on. This is imperative.

Step four: Ask the Gym Rat to Help

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Now is the time to make your move. Act like the damsel in distress. Ask them to carry your ‘oh so heavy’ weight for you and for some workout tips. But be strong, my gym sis. Do not fall for the muscles. We are trying to expose, not fall in love with, the rat.

Step five: Show the Gym Rat That You Are Superior

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NOW IS THE TIME. Have the Gym Rat do your core circuit or your leg workout. Show him that even though you are a girl, you are STRONG. You may be a female, (bless them for noticing) but you can still work harder and train harder than them.

Yes, this was from experience. To the two boys who said my girl workout wouldn’t be hard enough for them: I hope your abs still hurt because it was too hard; never doubt a girl in the gym. 

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