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Finals week is a scary time for everyone. Whether huge tests give you crazy anxiety or you waited until the last minute to cram, these tips may help you to receive the grade you deserve:

1. Eat breakfast. Take a small granola bar and orange juice to munch on before putting your head into those books. Not only does it help with studying, it’s great for before a two-hour long test. Who wants to spend their whole test focusing on what’s for lunch?

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2. Dress to impress. Wear what feels comfortable, whether it’s a dress and leggings or a t-shirt and sweats.  Keep in mind that looking more presentable will boost your self-confidence and help you to succeed!

3. Talk to your teachers ahead of time. Ask them loads of questions and talk with them about their opinions on certain topics. You may even get some study pointers from them, too!

4. It’s too late to avoid cramming, but there is still time for breaks. Make sure that after every couple of hours, you take a break to rest your brain and give yourself time to refocus (I like to look at pictures of puppies during my breaks). If you don’t have time to take a break, alternate between subjects.

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5. Study in groups. If you have a class with a couple of your friends, bring snacks, rent a room, and study together. It helps for quizzing each other and making sure everyone is staying focused. The only problem is staying on track…

6. Smile! Going back to that self-esteem boost, keep your head up, keep smiling, and remember: It’s only a test.

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7. Lastly, breathe! Relaxing will help keep the anxiety down and keep your focus on acing that exam. Remember, there is only a week left until break begins and studying ends.

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