The Catalyst Café

The average Ohio University student knows about the coffee shops located in various parts of campus. They also know the off-campus coffee shops: Court Street Coffee, Donkey Coffee, and Brenen’s Coffee, located within walking distance on, or right off of Court Street. While these coffees are delicious, and serve as the perfect pick-me-up on the regular basis, sitting in the same coffee shops can get a little repetitive, get very busy during exam periods and the coffee can be a little overrated in my opinion. Yes, I know that everyone loves these little cute coffee shops right off of campus, but they’ve probably never ventured too far off campus before.

This past weekend, I went for a short drive off campus to get some homework done at Catalyst Café located on 540 W Union St in Athens, Ohio. This was the first time I had ever been to this particular coffee shop but immediately fell in love as soon as I walked in. The aromatic smell of their fair trade, organic coffee and bakery treats circulated around the entire building.

I ordered an iced latte and headed upstairs to the seating located on their little loft. The large windows overlooked the Hocking River and let in loads of natural light. Working on homework in this environment was amazing compared to the harsh fluorescent lighting found in the dorms, the library and other coffee shops on and around campus.

The coffee was perfectly made, reasonably priced and there were milk substitute options for those with lactose intolerance. There are also multiple options such as hot drinks, smoothies and iced drinks for whatever you’re feeling, like having as your assistant while working. The coffee shop also provides free Wifi so all of your devices can continue being connected.

The day I went was a particularly chilly, rainy day in Athens, making a window seat the perfect setting to watch the rain fall onto the windows and the river. On warm days, there’s patio seating perfect for getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, while still completing your assignments that are due. This is also the perfect place to work as a group on homework or projects. You’ll be able to work together but be off campus away from the crowded, stereotypical locations that are often very loud or distracting to do work in.

I haven’t had such an enjoyable, relaxing experience doing my homework until I tried out Catalyst Café.