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Hannah Moskowitz

Athens and Ohio University are known for party culture. What else should we be known for?

While Ohio University may be known for the party culture, many people apart of the community can agree that it should be known more for education. What else should we be known for?

Michael W. - International Student Faculty

“I work in the International Faculty Services Office and I think that OU should be more well known for the amount of diversity they have on campus. Especially with having students come out of [their home] country to study here in Athens. The international students bring a lot to the university, more of their achievements should be highlighted because they do great things while they’re here.”

Tony A. - Postal Worker

“I wish more people knew what a welcoming, friendly community this is. We have people from all over the world and I think it’s a good place to end up… You get to meet people from all over and people are friendly here. I wish people knew that.”

Nylin G. - Information and Telecommunication Systems Faculty

“Our academics. Mainly our business… We are pretty well known for our business and our sports management department… but I think the party school stereotype is pretty overshadowing than our sports management and I think that [the sports management program] needs to be higher up.”

Ian G. - Freshman, electrical engineering major

“I was kind of surprised when I came here [Ohio University] for orientation because I always had the impression… I heard it was a party school too, but I was pretty impressed with the orientation and how the reputation seemed to be changing. As far as how school management wants to see it. I definitely know that the engineering program has been pretty top-notch so far and I’m really enjoying it. I think it would be pretty cool if eventually it was thought of as a more rigorous course level school.”

Aissatou B. - Senior, double major in sociology/criminology and African American studies

“Well, we have a lot of really good programs, so I feel like it’s kind of annoying when that’s [the party reputation] the only thing you hear because it undermines the academics that goes on here. So maybe if we were known for how good and extensive our programs are as well, then that would be more reflective of the student body. Every school has parties...and so every school is a ‘party school’ essentially, but not every school has as many programs as we do. So, maybe we could expand on that.”

Allyson V. - Senior, communications major

“I think we have nationally ranked business schools and journalism programs and I think those...especially those programs are what we should focus on and really emphasize. Every school has parties but isn’t necessarily a party school. It’s just annoying when we get that reputation even though we have just as good, some better programs than other schools...but we still have the same negative connotation.”

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