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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

The college experience is an unexpected adventure and every route has twists and turns, hills and valleys, but some things are predictable like these 9 pet peeves that we have about our professors!

  1. The first (and probably most frustrating) thing a teacher can say is that everything is fair game. It feels like drowning in a pool of tears, but have no fear. The keys to success are to read the chapter and to take notes. This will help you already start getting the material in your mind before class. Then, when the professor turns on the PowerPoint, jot down the main points and get the rest from the textbook. Make flashcards and don’t stress too much. If you’re really worried, check out the professor’s office hours.
  2. Professors scroll through the notes too fast. This one’s a doozy. My strategy is to bring a laptop since I type faster than I write. I also take the bolded words and phrases down first, then if I still have time get the nitty gritty details, I do that second. I also ask the professor to go back a lot! You may feel stupid now, but when that ‘A’ is in your hand, we’ll see who’s laughing.
  3. Attendance is mandatory…ugh. This one sucks, but here’s the truth. It’s for your own good. You pay $10,000 a year to go to school so go and don’t complain.
  4. A huge pet pet peeve is when the professor gives you way too much busy work. This is another, “It’s for your own good.” These are either graded (easy points) or practice which is only going to help you ace the test.
  5. A struggle that has been taken place since school has begun is online tests, and they suck. If you only get one attempt, focus on the question and answer and use the handy-dandy textbook. As much as this sucks, at least you can use outside resources rather than in class with nothing but your brain.
  6. We hate when professors hold tests on Monday or Friday. This one really sucks, but you have to suck it up. Drink some strong coffee, study hard and look on the bright side (at least it’s Friday or you had the whole weekend to study).
  7. Not grading assignments on time is hard to deal with, but if you have an issue just casually ask, “Hey, when will that be graded?” They should at least give you an approximate time to the end date.
  8. We dread when we are stuck waiting for an email reply.  Yes, it isn’t fun to constantly refresh our mail app for that help with our homework, but we have to rememeber that professors are people too, and they lead just as busy lives as us. I would say with this one to just make sure to ask any questions during class and hope for the best and quickest answer!
  1. Don’t you hate it when professors don’t answer the original question you asked? Just reiterate that you’re still confused or talk to other sources (tutors, other teachers, peers). Sometimes another perspective really helps get out that information and makes it click.

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