7 Steps To Getting A Job/Internship

Finding a job or internship can be a long process. Here are the base seven steps you can take to lead you to an internship or job offer!

  1. 1. Creating a resume/cover letter

    Crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, as well as any supporting documents you might need will set you up for success when you start looking for a job.

  2. 2. Research

    woman outside holding cell phone while working on laptop

    Researching the type of job you want based on the different responsibilities and assignments you would be able to do based on your education. You can then deep dive into research for the particular job titles you are interested in.

  3. 3. Applying

    The next step is to find jobs to apply to. Remember to adjust your resume and cover letter to the specific job you are applying for.

  4. 4. Interviews

    women during interview

    If a company likes what you have sent in when applying, you’ll be contacted for an interview. This will typically start as a phone interview, advancing to a written interview/testing, and all the way to a Skype/in-person interview depending on where you are located in relation to the job.

  5. 5. Getting an offer

    Once you’ve made it through the entire process, you might get a job offer! If so, make sure you know what the benefits and salary are, as well as when they need to hear a response from you so you can think it over. 

  6. 6. Negotiating your salary

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    After thinking about the offer, don’t hesitate to negotiate your salary or benefits. Remember your worth and the amount of work you’ll be doing in this particular position.

  7. 7. Accepting or denying the position

    After negotiations, talking to friends and family, and thinking long and hard about the position, you can either accept or deny the position!