6 Ways To Stay Motivated When You Have A Job After Graduation

The Tuesday during only the second week of the spring semester, I got the call. I was offered a full-time position for after graduation, a job I had been interviewing with since November. I was beyond happy and proud of myself. After negotiating and popping some champagne with friends, I accepted the position. With this new adventure waiting for me after graduation, I can find it hard sometimes to find the motivation to continue to attend class, do work, or basically most things I need to do to complete my degree! If you too have a full-time position or new adventure waiting for you after graduation, first CONGRATULATIONS and second I'm here to help with these six tips:

  1. 1. Remember you need your degree

    While it's amazing that you have a job lined up, remember that in order to keep this job, you have to still earn your degree!

  2. 2. It's time to really be impressive

    It's time to show off how impressive you are, and prove why you got offered this job. A great way to do this is by going to class and doing your assignments.

  3. 3. You have more time since you aren't applying/interviewing for jobs

    You have an advantage to other graduating seniors this semester: you don't have to spend time applying/interviewing for jobs. With this extra time, work hard to make sure your projects are perfect and go above and beyond the expectations set by your professor. 

  4. 4. You need those cheesy cap and gown photos

    Woman In Black Long Sleeve Dress Standing On Brown Concrete

    This might just be me, but I cannot wait to decorate my cap and take cheesy graduation photos on my campus. If this is the only thing that motivates you to keep trying, then that's all you need!

  5. 5. Make your family proud

    Imagine your family being able to brag about you saying, "not only did (insert name) get offered a full-time job, she got a 4.0 her last semester!"

  6. 6. You're still paying so you might as well go to class

    person holding money

    Lastly, you're likely paying for this education so you might as well continue to show up to class and get your work done to get the biggest bang for your buck. You never know what you'll learn by simply showing up to class!