4 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room With Plants

Whether you live in a tiny dorm or a studio apartment, decorating your place is a fun activity. When we first start college we often have elaborate plans about how we want to make our house a little more exciting, but as the semester goes along (and the lazier you get) most of those ideas don’t manifest. But even though we don’t have much time on our hands, there are easy ways to enhance our room that doesn’t require too much effort.

Plants – they’re super-cute, cheap based on which ones you buy, a fun hobby and a great way to keep the air in your room clean. In addition to that, being around people actually helps plants grow because of all the carbon dioxide we exhale, so it’s a win-win!

Here are some ways in which you can add a bit of personality to your room with plants, all of the ones in my room are cacti because they need minimal sunlight, water and attention. So, if you’re a lazy gardener too, they’re the perfect pick.

1. By the window sill

Although some plants don’t require direct sunlight all day, exposing them to the sun isn’t going to harm them. Depending on the size of your window sill you can put one big pot or a bunch of tiny vases. Is your window sill really tiny? Don’t want something that takes up too much space? Buy a succulent the size of a Reese’s Cup, many shops around Athens sell a bunch of those at affordable rates.

2. On your bed frame

We usually have a little bit of space at the edge of our bed, while you can simply use this to throw your dirty laundry you can also use this small space for some plants. Line a bunch of pots on your bed frame, add a few other items likes string lights or postcards if you want. Now your Netflix nights just got a lot cuter. Be mindful though, if you’re somebody who moves around a lot when asleep or if you have pets, you should think of ways to make sure that your pots are a little more secure.

3. Around your study table

Right now, your study table is probably hidden under textbooks, wires and takeout menus. There’s an easy way to make this space a little ehm…organized. You can start by clearing out things you don’t need and that way you have some space for your plants! Just line a few pots around the edge of your table or put them next to your plushies for company. Make sure that your plants are not very close to any electronics, you don’t want to spill a few drops of water on your keyboard when you’re watering your Aloe Vera.

4. With your books

If you’re a bookworm like me, you probably have a small bookshelf or at least a space in your room for your books. But just pilling books on top of each other with no sense of direction can make it look like a mess. So, to make your bookshelf more beautiful just place a couple of pots around it. Stack your books vertically or horizontally and put a few pots near them. You could also use pots as bookends! If you have a plant that doesn’t require a lot of water, you could also put your pot on top of the books.