20 Types Of People During Exams

With the semester in full swing, and midterms quickly approaching, we will all soon be sitting with our peers taking an exam. Exams are a stressful time for all students. With extreme amounts of studying, late nights, stress and probably too much caffeine, you eventually have to take your exam. Surrounded by other stressed students, there’s always a few who have some strange idiosyncrasies while test taking. Here’s the 20 types of people during exams. Who knows, maybe one of these are you?

1. The Leg Shaker    

2. The Gazer

    The student who looks off into the distance for the entire exam.

3. The Pen Trickster

4. The Crier

5. The Tapper

    Foot tapping, pen tapping, tapping everything in reach.

6. The Stretcher

8. The Knuckle Cracker    

9. The Paper Shuffler

10. The First To Finish

    The student who practically runs out of the room as soon as the exam begins.

11. The Gum Chewer    

12. The Second-Guesser

    The student who spends the entire time redoing every question.

13. The Know-It-All

14. The Questioner

15. The Sigher

16. The Random Student

    The student who only shows up for the exam.

17. The Positive One

18. The One Winging It

19. The Overachiever

20. The Cheater