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WARNING EXPLICIT MATERIAL (songs provided by Spotify)
I have a very strange taste in music. I listen to everything from the oldies to Hip-Hop and R&B. So, I have compromised some songs that remind me of our absolutely beautiful school. Some songs relate to the people. Others relate to the crazy weekends but, every lyric, chorus line or beat, makes me think of this absolutely diverse, exciting and beautiful school we call home. 
Of course we must first start with some great songs for a weekend out with friends. 
1. Animals by Martin Garrix. Definitely a classic EDM song for any college scene. Also a great song to listen to on the treadmill if you need some motivation, just saying. 
2. Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil John. OU is always ‘turning it up.’ It doesn’t matter if it is a fest weekend or just the second Sunday in February. We know how to party and party well. 
3. Booyah by Showtek, We are Loud! and Sonny Wilson. If you don’t recognize this song at first, just wait until you get 50 seconds into the track.
4. Wasted by Tiesto & Matthew Koma. When the lyrics say, “Lay all your laundry on the bed and I’ll lay in it instead,” I’m pretty sure they are describing me on a Friday night. Usually, I’m going through my drawers to find a cute and sexy outfit and then realize I haven’t done laundry so my good jeans are at the bottom of the basket. I tear my room apart and then decide I’m too tired to go out, so I just go to bed. Not even ashamed. 
The lyrics of these next songs pretty perfectly explain every OU student on a regular basis. 
5. Time of Our Lives by Pitbull & Ne-Yo. This is a great song to relate to. I mean seriously, you know you’re not the only one who would rather spend the last couple of dollars in your bank account at the bar rather than for some bread and cheese. 
6. I Love The Mountains by Houaida. Because I love everything about OU and I’m pretty sure almost all the students feel the same. 
7. Young, Wild & Free by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars. This may not be an exact representation of the majority of OU students (in regards to the drug references) but who doesn’t want to stay young, wild and free for these short four years?
8. All Systems Go by The Dean’s List featuring OnCue. I’m not sure how well people know about The Dean’s List, but most of the artist’s songs are college related. 
9. Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells. This song is a bit crazy, but when I think about the rallies that OU holds to stand up for some great causes, I automatically think of this song. 
10. The News by Carbon/Silicon. We have a great journalism school here, along with a large amount of opinionated people who have something to say. This song depicts that really well. 
And because I couldn’t help myself…
11. I Love College by Asher Roth.
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