10 Ways To Adjust To College

Adjusting to school whether you’re new or returning is hard for anyone. It’s important to get back into the groove early in the semester to ensure perfect success! Here are 10 tips on adjusting back to college:

  1. 1. Go to class

    This is a given, but the best way to adjust to a new school year is making sure you attend all of your classes (even when attendance isn’t mandatory). This will help you form a weekly schedule, stay on top of school work, and have a successful year.

  2. 2. Keep a schedule

    Along with going to class every day, making a schedule will help you adjust and form a balance between your academic and social life. Your schedule can include anything from waking up at the same time each day to working out or going to a fitness class on the same day each week.

  3. 3. Form study habits early

    Many people come to college without knowing how to properly study. Learn the best way to study for yourself and start early to establish what will help you earn straight A’s this year.

  4. 4. Join organizations outside of class

    While it’s important to go to class, it’s also important to join organizations to meet new people, create a better balance in your life, and to get out of your comfort zone.

  5. 5. Get everything ready the night before

    Whether your first class is at 9 am or noon, get your backpack ready, snacks out, check the weather and think about what you want to wear the night before. This will help make sure you start each day on the right side of the bed. This easy routine will also help settle you before bed and help you stay on time for class in the morning.

  6. 6. Talk to your roommate about expectations

    Avoid a mid-semester blow up with your roommate by talking about your expectations early on. If you’re both on the same page, you’ll be able to understand each other and your needs so you can both adjust to the new year.

  7. 7. Make healthy habits for yourself

    Having healthy habits in college can be hard if this is your first time living away from family. Try and find a fun fitness class to take with friends or make healthier choices when eating in or out of the dining halls.

  8. 8. Reach out to your resources

    If you’re in need of help adjusting, everyone on campus is a resource. Reach out to a professor, your advisor, a resident assistant, or friends. People are more than willing to help.

  9. 9. Consistently keep your room clean

    When transitioning into a dorm room, your bedroom, kitchen, and office are all in one space so it’s easy for things to get messy fast. The best way to adjust to this living situation is to clean as you make a mess. If you use a plate, clean it within the same day. Put your shoes away and don’t get behind on laundry. This will make your overall adjustment to college easier and more manageable.

  10. 10. Talk to those from home

    Going to school away from home is hard. Make sure you reach out to friends and family at home. This simple act will make the adjustment to school even easier.