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10 Reasons To Stay In Bed

Do you ever feel like shit for wanting to do nothing and lay in bed all day? The way our society and culture is set up is to make you feel shitty if you aren’t doing something productive every second or every day. I am here to inform you that it is okay to want to do nothing and it is okay to lay in bed all day/night. Heck, you can stay in bed the whole weekend if you want! Here are 10 reasons to stay in bed:

  1. When you are obsessing over a show. I cannot even count how many times I have denied going out with friends to lay in bed and binge my current favorite show.

  2. When you’re having a “fat day.” Some days you just feel bigger than normal. It happens to everyone so don’t fret, the feeling will pass.

  3. When you aren’t mentally feeling okay. I have these days and it’s like people try to force you to go out and do something. It is completely fine if you are not feeling up to it, and just want to lay in bed and watch movies.

  4. You’re reading a really good book.

  1. It’s raining outside and cold. Why get ready to go do something when odds are your clothes are going to get wet? Your hair might get messed up or even worse, your makeup!

  2. You need to do some self-care. Put on the face mask, give yourself a mani/pedi and lay in bed.

  1. You want to lay in bed and eat all the unhealthy food that you aren’t supposed to eat. Order pizza, eat a tub of ice cream, bake those cookies and eat all of them - you deserve it!

  1. You’re just exhausted. Maybe you have been busy lately and your body/mind just needs to rest.

  2. You need a break from society. Sometimes, we just get in those moods where we are tired of everyone and everything. Take a break from people, it’s healthy!

  3. Last but not least, I mean we are in college after all… you’re hungover! Eat all the greasy food, drink all the Pedialyte you can and puke it out, girl!

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