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New COVID-19 Pill Said To Reduce Risk of Hospitalization or Death

A pharmaceutical company Merck claims that its new pill has the ability to prevent death and hospitalization in people with COVID-19. AP News reports that the pill, a drug called molnupiravir, was found to reduce hospitalizations and deaths by 50% in patients who have mild to moderate cases. This is the first pill that has emerged that could potentially treat COVID-19, but it must be authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before it can be administered to patients. 

Results of the pill’s trial showed that 7.3% of adults who took molnupiravir were hospitalized or died due to COVID-19, while 14.1% of those who received the dummy pill were hospitalized or died.

This pill is considered to be a much easier treatment option than the options currently available. People could take the pill at home rather than needing to go to a hospital that is likely low on capacity and resources. Treatment with molnupiravir would also be less expensive than current COVID-19 treatments, making it more accessible to low income groups. 

Merck hopes to get molnupiravir approved for emergency use in the United States in the near future. According to CNBC, Merck has agreed to supply the U.S. with roughly 1.7 million courses of the treatment pending the FDA’s approval or emergency authorization.

White House Health Advisory Dr. Anthony Fauci called the results of the drug’s trial “good news.” Health officials believe that pills such as molnupiravir are essential to reducing the major effects of the pandemic.  

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