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Spring Break On A Budget

Spring has officially sprung! Which means that soon you will be seeing tons of pictures on Instagram of all your classmates enjoying the beach over spring break (sigh). If you aren’t lucky enough to take advantage of the warm weather and travel around over Spring Break, then freight not! There are still so many ways that you can have an awesome and memorable “stay-cation” right at home!

Picnic in the Park

Pack some sammies and head to your local park for some time in the sun! This would be a great cheap date or a fun way to spend time with your friends. All you will need is a cute little blanket to sit on and some snacks!



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Go for a Hike

Whether you live near the mountains, beach or city – try finding a trail nearby and spend some time enjoying nature! Hiking is a fun way to get your sweat on while enjoying the fresh air. Try taking your furry friend out for an adventure or invite your pals. If you’re lucky, you might even catch an amazing – insta worthy view!



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Organize a Yard Sale

That’s right! Yard sale season is upon us. What better way to motivate yourself into spring cleaning than the potential of earning some cold hard cash? Just toss out that old soccer ball you never use and that purse that’s “so last season.” With a little organizing, you’ll have some spare cash to buy that summer swimsuit you’ve been eyeing!



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Volunteer Somewhere

Spring break offers the perfect amount of time to throw in some volunteer hours here and there. Whether you’re helping out at a soup kitchen or grooming some fur babies at your local SPCA, volunteering will make you feel great and amp up your resume! Plus, it’ll make you look like a model citizen when all your friends ask you what you did over break (wink-wink).




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Have a Dollar Movie Night

Did someone say girls night? Wipe the dust off of your favorite chick-flick and grab some goodies from the Dollar Store for a cheap bonding night with your girls! Whether your crying over Marley for the hundredth time or drooling over Ryan Gosling, no Florida vacay could beat some quality time with your gal pals.



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Spring break is a time to kick back and relax before semester exams start rolling in. Don’t let the millions of insta pics of your peers living it up in the tropics get ya’ down! You can still have plenty of fun right at home while staying on a reasonable budget. Make the most out of your Spring break and save up for a kick-ass summer!

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