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The Six Best Places To Study On Campus

Whether you are new to campus or simply stuck in a study rut, ODU has some great spots on campus for focusing on assignments. Mix things up this school year and visit some of these buildings for all of your cramming (and coffee) needs!


1. The Perry Library

The library is typically the go-to place for students looking to cram for an exam or write a five-page essay overnight. With four floors to choose from, the Perry Library is a great place for study groups or some solo study time. Each floor of the “lib” gradually gets quieter until you reach the fourth-floor which is dedicated to total silence. The Commons Area (first floor) is open 24 hours while the other floors are not. There are also several great resources inside the library like The Writing Center, room reservations, and equipment rentals. This is also where you’ll find Einstein Bagels. Next time you’re assigned a boat-load of homework, grab yourself a Nutella bagel and settle in at Club Perry.



Source: Old Dominion University


2. The Webb Center

The Webb Center may not always be as quiet as the library, but it certainly has several spots for students to focus on assignments. One of the best spots for reading or finishing up those math problems is the study lounge located near the Starbucks. Here you’ll find plenty of seating options and coffee is conveniently nearby if you need a little “pick me up”. Keep in mind that the Webb closes at midnight every night.



Source: Old Dominion University


3. Cyber Cafe (Webb Center)

This secret loft area is the perfect place to study or work on online assignments. It is located on the second floor of the Webb Center, right above the study lounge across from Starbucks. This area functions as a computer lab, so you can easily print off assignments or make copies here.



Source: Old Dominion University


4. The Batten Arts and Letters Building

This nine-story building is where you will find most of your liberal arts students however, you’re more than welcome to check this building out if you’d like to find a new study spot. The first floor has several areas for getting comfy to work on last-minute assignments. You can find several smaller seating areas scattered throughout the upper floors as well. The Batten Arts and Letters Building is also home to the Monarch Express, a dining option for students looking for a quick bite to eat or a snack.



Source: Old Dominion University


5. Oceanography Building

The Oceanography building is home to the Physics Lab and many of the science/math course offered at ODU. This building sets near a beautiful pond and greenhouse which creates an amazing view if you look out of the second-floor window. The Oceanography building doesn’t have as many places to hang out as compared to the other buildings on campus, but the peaceful view definitely makes up for that!  



Source: Old Dominion University


6. Borjo Coffeehouse

This little cafe is nestled on Monarch Way near the Village Apartments. Keep in mind that you cannot use your meal plan at this dining location, but I would recommend you check this place out! Grab yourself a cup of joe and read your favorite book (or textbook) if you don’t mind spending a few dollars.



Source: Old Dominion University


Old Dominion University definitely has plenty of buildings and resources for students to utilize so their learning experience is a successful one. Don’t feel like you’re stuck studying at the same location every day. Take advantage of the variety of study spots located all across campus oh, and don’t forget your coffee!