Meeting D$G Dae

DeJuan Robinson is a 19-year-old sophomore at ODU who calls Alexandria, Virginia home. He is majoring in Communications with a focus in public relations, he hopes to use his degree to further promote his music career. Last weekend, ODU had its annual spring concert and DeJuan was given the opportunity to open up for O.T. Genasis and Wale. When I spoke to him he let me know that this was the first time he had ever performed in front a crowd that big. For that to be his first time, he definitely impressed me. The guy I met behind the music was very humble, kind, and had a great sense of humor! I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing him and getting to know a little bit about him.

HC:  What inspired you to get into music?

D$G: My dad. He was a big fan of Tupac, I was listening to him when I was little

HC: Who is your biggest inspiration in the music industry?

D$G: As of right now J Cole

HC: What are some of your goals in life and in music?

D$G: To be successful and financially secure for myself, family, and friends. I want to be one of the biggest artists our generation has to off and provide a platform for us.

HC: How did it feel to open up for O.T. and Wale?

D$G: It was crazy, by far the best experience of my life thus far. Wale is one of my favorite artists so it was super crazy. I hope to do a lot more like that.

HC: Why music? What about it makes you feel like it’s something you need or want to do?

D$G: Music, because it is something I’ve always been really really good at. I’m always listening to music and it plays a huge part of my life. I feel like since I’m good at it I feel like I was put here for a purpose and I want to give people the same feeling I get when I listen to music.

HC: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

D$G: I see myself on tour, my own tour worldwide and I want to be at least working on an album. Maybe, grammy nominated and definitely financially secure by then and graduated hopefully. Those are the immediate things I can think of.

HC: Are you someone who lives in the now or are you constantly planning for the future?

D$G: I plan for the future, I’m always thinking about what I need or want to do next. It keeps me thinking and focused on what comes next.

HC: Are you single? If so, what do you look for in women?

D$G: I like to be mysterious, so if I did have a girl shoutout to her. What attracts me to women is her personality. I’m not into stuck up women, they will never not get very far with me. I want someone to be able to chill and take a joke, listen to music, eat with me. I can cook, so she needs to be able to as well. Just a real woman who loves herself.

Overall, it was a really fun interview. I never know what I’m walking into with interviews, but I genuinely had a great time talking to DeJuan. He’s a down to earth guy whose lyricism as an artist is recognized and appreciated. I wish him nothing but success and then some. If you’d like to keep with him his Twitter is @Dae_World.