How To Destress During Finals

Finals week: the toughest of times for any college student. The end is so close, but beach days are far away when you have three papers to write. Unfortunately, I cannot help you write your five page media law final, but I can offer some of my favorite ways to destress for finals.

1. Eat your favorite food:

Forget, for one second, that you’ve been working on your beach bod all semester and go ahead and eat that chocolate cake. It’s worth it. That second of relief when you finally indulge in your favorite food and stop worrying about what you have due in the coming week is worth it. Even if it means you have to spend some extra time at the gym.

2. Go outside:

Take a breather, go take a walk, soak in the fresh air. Spending some time in the sun can seriously help you clear your head. Even if it’s just a ten minute walk to 7/11 for some pretzel M&Ms.

3. Exercise:

I know, the last thing on your mind is hitting up the gym. But working out has been scientifically proven to help calm people down. Spend an hour at the gym, or go for a run around campus, you’ll feel better, I promise.

4. Go out with friends:

Take a night off, grab your closest friends and go out. Go grab a drink or just hit up the CookOut drive through, and don’t fret about finals for an hour or two. You’ll feel so much better running around campus with your friends for a couple of hours rather than studying the same page of your textbook you’ve looked at all day.

5. Take some personal time:

Even if it’s only to catch up on your favorite TV show, taking some personal time to destress is my favorite solution to avoiding finals. I usually take an hour to watch The Office and listen to some music, maybe dip into my pretzel M&M stash, relax and forget for a little while that I have looming deadlines.

Good luck on your finals! You got this! All images are from Giphy.