How A 1.8% Chance Bonded a College


A 1.8% chance is all Old Dominion University’s football team needed in order to make history. On Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 2018, I walked into S.B. Ballard Stadium absolutely terrified and that feeling did not go away until I was on the ground crying as the clock hit 0.0 seconds. I personally believe that ODU’s fan base was prepared to lose to Virginia Tech that afternoon. Virginia Tech was ranked #13 before Old Dominion conquered them in a history-making upset. I interviewed Derek Wade, a junior at Old Dominion, about his personal experience among the stands as his university made history.

What Surprised You Most About the Old Dominion vs Virginia Tech game?

“I’m been to the home games before, but the energy in the student section caught me by surprise.”

What Was It Like For You Personally When ODU Won?

“I was so excited and loving every minute of it. When the student section stormed the field it felt like I was in a movie scene out chanting on the field with the team.”

Are You Going to Buy a Celebratory Shirt From the Bookstore?

“Not sure yet. It depends on the price!”

How Did You Celebrate the Big Win?

“I went over to a buddy’s place and drank and played beer pong until 2am.”

Do You Follow Any Other ODU Sports? If so, what sports?

“I only really go to a couple club soccer games because I know one of the players and I maybe have attended two basketball games, but I really only keep up with the football team.”

How Was This Game Different From Other Home Games?

“It was supposed to be an utter blowout and it became the underdog story that everyone wanted but no one really thought would happen.”

Overall, Old Dominion University created history on September 22nd and many believe that sportscasters will be speaking about this moment for years to come. Personally, hearing the roar of the crowd as the time on the clock ran out will be a noise I will never forget. Seeing the ODU community come together and rally over an unimaginable conquest was quite inspiring as well and I can only hope we can celebrate similar wins the rest of the season.