The Artist Series, Part Three: Lindsay

Lindsay Prekker is a marine biology major here at ODU. When she’s not studying the eating habits of whale sharks, she’s taking pictures. Prekker has combined her two favorite pastimes (concert-going and photography) into one big hobby: concert photography.

HC: Why photography? Do you paint? Why not?

LP: I initially got into photography in high school because I had an open period my junior year and had always been interested in learning about dark rooms and the processes involved. I had never been particularly good at art growing up, especially when it came to art classes that involved things such as drawing and painting. Not only was I terrible at it, I never enjoyed it. When I started getting into photography I loved it, something about the way you're able to take a subject and shoot it in a way that the audience sees exactly what you're seeing, but still leaves room for their own individual interpretation.


HC: What's your favorite picture you've taken?

LP: Out of all of the shows and trips I've photographed, one of my favorite pictures will likely be a shot I got of a small fish at the Seattle aquarium on a trip from a few years ago. I had recently gotten into photography at that point, and had received a DSLR for christmas from my parents as my interest in photography had been steadily growing. I wasn't particularly good at that point and this photo, I think, turned out very well and it's just always held a special place in my heart as a sign that I wasn't totally crazy and wasting my time by getting involved with photography.

HC: Do you have a specific person you look up to? An idol?

LP: Artistically, I admire the work of some of my good friends, Lyncia Berry and Geist. The both of them are incredibly talented artists who help to get discussions started on very important talks, such as self-harm with one of their latest projects, titled .Skin.

HC: What's your favorite kind of photography? To look at? To shoot?

LP: When it comes to the types of photographs that I enjoy looking at, I enjoy all types of photography. Overall though, I would have to say that I most enjoy looking at underwater wildlife photography. I am a marine biology major and I love the ocean, and getting to see some of the things that go on below the surface of the ocean is just incredible and helps to power me through all of the classes and work I have to complete to get my degree so that I can have an increased chance of seeing some of those sights for myself in the future. As for the types of photography that I personally like to shoot, I enjoy both landscape and concert photography. I travel to Washington every year with my family, as that's where I'm originally from and the landscape all over the state is absolutely gorgeous and I enjoy getting to capture it so that I have a piece of my trip that I can bring home with me. I also attend a lot of concerts and have always loved taking pictures at the shows that I attend. I love capturing the energy of the artist and audience, it's always a beautiful thing to witness.

HC: Do you think you could combine both photography and your major?

LP: To be able to combine photography with my career would be an absolute dream. I'm not sure it's something I would want to do in school, as I am already under a good amount of pressure when it comes to classes, but it is definitely a hobby I would like to continue and grow with. If I can manage to incorporate it into my career in the future then I will jump at the chance.

HC: What got you into photography?

LP: I enjoyed the vintage look of film photography and the idea of getting to learn how to use a dark room, which is what initially got me into photography in high school. Once I actually started taking the class, my love for photography just continued to grow.

HC: Do you want to do anything with your photography?

LP: I don't have any intentions of getting professionally involved in photography other than maybe photographing for a few school events, such as concerts. My main focus is on getting my degree and eventually my master's, but photography will always be an enjoyable pastime for me to help relax.

HC: Anything big coming up you want to shoot?

LP: There are a few concerts I am attending in the upcoming months that I would be interested in photographing and then I will be taking another trip out to Washington this summer and I am very much looking forward to exploring some new places and getting some good shots to bring home with me.

HC: What is your dream photoshoot? Like, what is one thing that you would want to shoot?

LP: My dream photoshoot would be to have the opportunity to photograph whale sharks or manta rays. They're incredible, beautiful animals and getting close enough to them to swim with them and even photograph them is an absolute dream of mine.


This fish-loving photographer is a dynamic part of the ODU community. While photography is not the ultimate goal for her, it’s still one of Lindsay’s favorite hobbies that she hopes to expand upon in the future.

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