The Artist Series: Lyncia Berry

Lyncia, better known as Lynn, is an artist at ODU. She always has her camera with her, and is always finding new ways to be creative. Currently residing in Chesapeake, Lynn goes to concerts and plays video games in her spare time.

HC: What got you into art?

LB: Honestly, a few things got me into art. One was my mother, she was always this super creative person. Though we aren’t as close as most mothers and daughters, she definitely influenced me and got me to be more creative with things. Another thing would be anime culture. One of the first things I was passionate about learning was anime characters. I lived to be an amazing anime artists. The last thing I could think of would be my battle with major depression. Dealing with this made me need some kind of outlet, so drawing my feelings, painting them and even taking photos kind of let me escape from reality.

HC: What’s your favorite kind of art? Photography? Painting?

LB: I feel like I love photography more, it’s less messy. I honestly feel like I like the equally. They are both two types of art that could be interpreted differently by different viewers. On person can look at something and feel sad and that same piece to another could be the opposite. They can also be done in the same style but different people always find different ways to do it. So I think both have shared respect in my heart.

HC: Do you have a particular artists you look up to? Why?

LB: I hate being asked this question because as most people would expect like the answer of Pablo Picasso or something like that. But honestly, I haven’t found someone I’d die for. I mean I have, but they also aren’t ones who impacted me that well. I’m still looking for someone, I guess.

HC: Any particular work you’re proud of? Why?

LB: Honestly, I feel like all my work makes me proud. I feel like in every piece I push myself. I think one piece I am very proud of is my Japan Tsunami for 2D. I pushed myself making it so big, mixing mediums. I pushed myself for it and came out on top with it.

HC: Are you studying art? What’s the best part about studying art?

LB: Yes, I am a fine arts major focusing on photography. I think the best thing about studying art is being surrounded by so many people with different styles, influences, encouragements and aspiration for something as much as you do. It’s a great feeling being around people like you. I have met some amazing people studying art.

HC: What’s your biggest inspiration?

LB: More like who is my biggest inspiration. That would be my older brother, Lomar. He’s my best friend, the reason I’m still here today. He’s the strongest person I have met. I want to make him and my parents proud to say I’m part of the family. Also a big inspiration to me is my teammate Nathan Croslin. We work very close together and I wouldn’t be what I am without him. Him and I started from scratch and now we are doing something.

HC: What's your biggest accomplishment thus far as an artist?

LB: Being able to have the opportunity to do something like this and being interviewed. Also pushing myself to reach where I am right now. Which isn’t much but it means a lot to me to be where I am right now, with the people around me.

HC: What advice do you have for any upcoming artists?

LB: Do not give up. I can’t stress this enough! I even have a tattoo that says it. I feel like giving up all the time on my work. Thinking I’m not going to go anywhere, but that is what being an artist is all about. It’s an extremely slow grind. If this is something you want to do, do not give up on it. Keep pushing it. You can also email me or anything if you need advice. Being an artist is hard. Especially if you’re doing it alone.

Lynn hopes to one day share her art with the world. She’s a creative individual with a lot of heart. If you have any questions, would like some of her art, or just want to talk, you can email Lynn at [email protected]