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ACM-W Presents: Bra Decorating Party!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ODU chapter.

The Association of Computer Machinery of Women or ACM-W is a national organization that’s dedicated to women interested in computer science, Information System and Technology or better known as, I.T. and computer engineering. It was founded in 2006 and has over 137 active college chapters with over 36,000 members internationally. ACM-W also has many scholarship opportunities for undergraduate women that are majoring in the computer sciences. The scholarships are awarded at their conferences, which are evaluated by 6 groups annually.   

“Our main focus is on technology; not many women are represented in computer science. This organization’s purpose is to empower, celebrate and advocate,” said Sabrina, senior and president/social media chair of ACM-W.


Photo Edit: Paula Phounsavath

Sabrina also includes, “It [ACM-W at ODU] started last year. The first president of ACM-W was Michelle and after she graduated, I took her position. The goal for ACM-W this year is to reach out to more women in computer sciences and other genders that are in computer sciences. We’re open to reaching out and collaborating with other organizations.”

The purpose of the bra decorating party was to bring awareness to women that are surrounded or affected by breast cancer and also, bringing girls together to decorate undergarments for a cause. All the bedazzled bras that were decorated went towards the ODU’s Women Center, and they were presented during the Old Dominion University’s Annual 2018 Breastivial that happened on October 18th.

Photo Edit: Paula Phounsavath

The party was quite a small event but very imitate, there were ACM-W members and close friends. There were a number amount of art supplies from glitter to flowers and paints, along with free goodies on the table. The goodies were pink bath bombs, bracelets, and more. Food catering was provided by Subway’s half-a-foot long sandwiches. As a bonus, Insomnia Cookies surprised the party with a variety of cookies from chocolate chips to sugar cookies.  


Photo Edit: Paula Phounsavath

The event was also a sit-down chit-chat session about life and breast cancer. Most of the girls knew many women that were affected by breast cancer, from mothers to grandmothers. Though talking about breast cancer is a very touchy subject, everyone at the event was filled with laughter and joy while decorating their undergarments.

When talking about anyone that has been affected by breast cancer, Tedra, a senior Psychology and Human Services major said, “My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer and had both her breasts removed.”  

Sabrina also included, “My mom found out about being diagnosed this August. My goal is to bring awareness detecting breast cancer early. People say that it’s all about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, but I think we should pay more attention to the chemicals in the products we use on a daily basis [that increases our risk of cancer].” [self-care, cosmetic products and etc.]

About one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer during a point in their lives, which is such a high risk for women. There’s always a treatment for breast cancer, but there is also a possibility of women developing it again once more. It is important for women to get checked for any possible symptoms of breast cancer by the time they are 21 or older. The more we raise awareness and bring women together, the more we can find a cure for breast cancer.


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