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Pole Dancing: The Trending Workout That Only Requires One Tool

From J-Lo’s performance on the Super Bowl to Cardi B’s routine in the movie Hustlers, pole dancing is the latest workout craze for women across the nation. Pole dancing is such a great workout to inspire women to feel sexy and powerful at the same time.

Pole dancing typically carries a negative that was associated with bars and strip clubs. Though it may not be for everyone, the ability to do a pole routine actually takes a lot of time, talent, and hard work. It is a sport that requires tons of upper body strength to be able to lift and twist yourself without sliding down a slippery pole - and it has to be done gracefully! 

In the past decade, so many pole workout studios have been open to the public. There are even pole influencers such as Sammy Picone (@sammypicone), a talented pole artist who frequently posts her routines on Instagram. Her routines are full of so much grace and technique that you would underestimate how challenging pole dancing actually is. Sammy claims that when she hits the gym she usually just working out her legs because pole uses all her upper body - which would explain her incredible abs.

Recently, some celebrities are taking pole dancing as a workout. A famous R&B artist right now is FKA Twigs. She is popular for her songs such as "Cellophane" and "Two Weeks," but she is also known for her pole routines. In fact, she sometimes will pole dance while on stage at her concerts. Additionally, Jennifer Lopez recently released a video on Youtube showing her preparation for the movie Hustlers, and she was left in bruises. However, by the end of it, she was absolutely incredible at pole dancing. Her routine in the movie was so graceful and sexy and made me want to go hit the gym after watching it. 

One commonality I have seen with all these performers is how they claim that pole dancing is not only therapeutic to do but also to watch. It is the kind of workout that you can feel yourself getting stronger and can become more and more in touch with your body. I think that one of the most fascinating aspects of pole dancing is seeing your body do things that you would never have expected. It is the kind of work out that you become addicted to because it really is a challenge.

After watching videos by Sammy Picone, FKA Twigs, and even Jennifer Lopez, it is no wonder why pole dancing is becoming the next big workout. It is challenging, fun, and makes you strong. If you are tired of the same old pilates class or the long and stressful spin class, I highly recommend trying pole dancing. While it may be difficult at first, you will want to keep coming back to see what your body can do with just you and a pole. 

Hi my name is Cosette Terriquez. I am originally from Orange County, California and am now studying at New York University majoring in journalism. I am very passionate about beauty, fashion, and health and love to share my own tips and tricks. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my dog, trying out new makeup looks, and even posting on my own blog (cosetteterriquez.com). In the future I hope to have my own cosmetics line and inspire other men and women to express their true selves through the art of makeup. I am excited to write for Her Campus so that I can teach and share everything I know when it comes to these things I am passionate about.
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