NYC in the Heart of Winter

You might think that New York City is bitter and quiet during the winter, and that all the New Yorkers and pseudo New Yorkers are hibernating from the cold. But, you’re forgetting that this is the city that never sleeps, remember? The winter brings thick parkas, slushy streets, and flushed cheeks. Even in negative temperatures, people still sit together in Washington Square Park, the saxophone player braves the cold, pigeon man is still swarmed head to toe, and the students still run about in what you might call migration periods between classes. Chilly doorways and disapproving iced coffee orders call for friendship.

Here's a glimpse into what our city and campus looks like during the winter. 

Washington Square Park’s arch on a snowy afternoon. When the mornings look like spring but temperatures prove otherwise. The postal service braving the weather for late night Amazon scourings.

Snowy footprints on Broadway.

Wintery Waverly at golden hour. 17:00, Washington Square Park.

Golden sunsets and snow in the park.

These photos prove that winter is truly something else. Despite the freezing temperatures, snow makes our campus look even more special.