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Meet Dallis Williams: Revolve Fitness Instructor Who Loves Sharing Her Passion For Cycling

Cycling classes are all the rave here in New York, but they can be intimidating to go for the first time. Recently, Her Campus NYU’s team decided to take the plunge together at Revolve Fitness on 13th street in the Greenwich village to see what all the hype was about. At Revolve, the cycle studio is filled with about 30 stationary bikes in a large, mirror covered room. All we needed were our workout clothes, water, a pair of cycling shoes and we were all ready to set those glutes on fire!

During the class, our instructor, Dallis Williams sat at the front of the room and pumped loud dance music into our ears while simultaneously guiding us through the work out–a combination of motivating and inspirational messages interwoven with the usual trainer lingo. Throughout the workout, she directed us into different positions that ranged from standing on our haunches, to leaning forward, and even moving from side to side to the music.



After the 45 minute boot camp, our shirts were sweaty, our legs were hurting but we all were glowing. Once we were stretched and cooled off, we chatted with the wonderful and bright Dallis to learn more about what it’s like to be a revolve instructor.

HC NYU: How did you get involved with Revolve fitness?

Dallis: So, I worked at Pfizer for a long time and was miserable. I wanted to do something that I love and am passionate about. So, I left. And then, for about a year, I was trying to get into fitness. So, I just continued to work out and got my certification. I auditioned at several places and then I worked at another studio for two months and then came here!

HC NYU: What do you love most about Revolve?

Dallis: I love the people, the energy; I just love to teach. The classes, the people that come to class, helps me build personal relationships. I’ve gotten to know quite a few people here and we’ve become friends.

HC NYU: What does cycling do for your body?

Dallis: I feel great after working out. It’s like my savior, like if I’m having a horrible day and I just work out, I forget everything, especially with my music. I can’t do anything without my music. You have to come out of your comfort zone, because it’s not about you. You have to be the instructor and keep a positive mindset. So, knowing that it helps me, it makes me feel wonderful.

HC NYU: You seem like a figurehead when you’re leading the class, people must look up to you.

Dallis: It took me a while to adjust. You know, I’ve been in a band and singing for quite some time. Um, it’s still kind of uncomfortable for me. But, you have to get out of it because it’s not about you.

Oh, I’ve gotten some wonderful compliments. One time, a lady told me that I was helping her through her grandmother’s death and she was like how coming to my class helped her so much. That meant a lot to me, because you don’t realize up there that you’re actually inspiring or doing something for someone else like that. I almost cried and it was awesome.


HC NYU: That’s so inspiring. Speaking of which, how do you inspire yourself to workout?

Dallis: It’s great that I teach (laughs) so I have to get up.

HC NYU: And you also sing in a band? Wow!

Dallis: Yes, I’m a singer in Ferrari Truck. It’s a classic rock band.

HC NYU: So, how do you make the best inspirational and motivational playlist?

Dallis: I really take pride in making my playlists. In my head, it’s a format. I try to switch up now and again. First is the warmup, then maybe a jog, then a jog with a sprint and so forth.

HC NYU: A lot of our readers might never have tried something like this before, so they might be wondering how you come up with the exercises to accommodate everyone’s skill level.

Dallis: We have a format here. There’s a few pushes and hills here and there. I just come up with them. I’m sort of accustomed to doing this, so it’s kind of natural.

HC NYU: And how would you get someone to try cycling for the first time?

Dallis: I keep trying everyday. You have to try it and then gauge how you feel if you like it or not. Just try it. Give it a chance. I always recommend switching it up though.

HC NYU: What would you tell people who haven’t tried cycling or are beginners?

Dallis: Don’t give up. Never give up on yourselves. Everyone can do it. You don’t start at the maximum level. I always try to encourage everyone to not give up on themselves and that they’re stronger than they believe.

If this has piqued your interest, you can try actually try free class before really committing. When going on revolvefitness.com, you can use the promo code Revolve Fitness NYU ambassador Sean Chia’s code, SEANWELCOME. After trying our very first cycling class, we’re excited to go back and try another one for 50% off using the promo code Sean’s code SEANRIDE2. Basically, it was super fun way to burn some serious calories, and we seriously recommend you try it out. Let us know what you think in the comments! Pedal away, ladies.

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Stephanie Cen, currently a senior in her last semestter at NYU Tisch as a Film and TV Production major has stopped writing for Her Campus, but has never truly stopped writing. With her shift in majors, she has changed her focus to woking on scripts for her short films that she produces in her film production classes. She has now made around seven films and is going on to finally work on her thesis film. When Stephanie isn’t at school or writing her next script, she can be most likely found working at an internship or part-time job, playing video games, exploring the city with friends, or making something delicious at home. 
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