How to Create a Skincare Routine for Spring

After the cold, windy winter we have had in NYC, it’s no wonder that our skin is in desperate need of some TLC. Here are some tips to hopefully help your skin heal and be the best it can be for the new season!

  1. 1. Know what your skin needs.

    Take some time to look in the mirror to see what your skin needs. For many, it might be dry and cracked. It also can be red and irritated. By taking the time to assess your skin and what it needs, you will be able to buy products accordingly to help fix those problem areas on your skin!

  2. 2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

    I cannot stress this enough! After how cold the winter has been, a little lotion goes a long way. Try putting it on as much as you can, even while watching tv or waiting for your food to cook. This not only goes for your face, but your legs, arms, knees, and other areas that might get a little dry and chapped during the cold season. With warmer weather ahead, it is not a bad idea to go ahead and moisturize so when that day comes for you to wear a new skirt, your legs are ready to go!

  3. 3. Invest in face masks.

    Amazon, Lush, and the Body Shop have great, affordable face and body masks for you to invest in. Consider stopping by a store to have an associate answer questions about the products if you can, otherwise, read the reviews in depth about what each product offers and helps correct. Also, by knowing what your skin needs, you can order the masks accordingly to what might best help your skin! Knowing your skin type (oily, dry, etc) might also help when purchasing a mask.

  4. 4. Exfoliate.

    It might seem a little counterintuitive to exfoliate dry skin, but, with gentle exfoliation by a loofah, you will be able to sluff off dry skin cells and reveal a new set of skin, which can then be moisturized. You will be amazed at what a small scrub or loofah can do!

  5. 5. Drink a TON of water.

    You have probably heard of this one before, but water consumption definitely helps your skin. Try and drink as much water as you can a day, and at the very least, one water bottles-worth of water. Sugary beverages and coffee can lead to acne for some people, but water can help with skin’s elasticity and general glow—so the more water you drink, the better glow you might have!

We hope this guide helps you achieve a happy, healthy complexion this spring!