A Guide to NYC's Best Workout Classes

Throughout my time here in New York City, I have taken a lot of strange workout classes. While NYC may never get the fame of California bizarre, “get-skinny-quick” workouts, the rise in diversity for how you can workout is overwhelming. From indoor surfing to dance “twerking” exercises classes on Valentine’s Day, I feel like I have done it all.

Thus, I have compiled my complete review of my top favorite, fun workout classes you can do right now!

For the Time Crunch Workout: Current

If you’re looking for a quick workout, consider Current! Only 20 minutes, this fast-paced, music-based, rowing class is perfect for those wanting to power through an intense ab workout, but also love awesome rap music. Themed rowing days are available! Drake class is definitely a recommendation!

For Those Wishing Summer Waves in NYC: Surfset

This was a weird one, but let me say, it wasn’t easy. Using a simulated surfboard, it combines core engagement and muscle stabilization. This feature was seen on Shark Tank as a workout invention. The board moves as though it is above the waves as you crunch, jump, and stretch across it. If you have never surfed before, this may be a good way to learn! #Getonboard if you are looking for something new this season, and check out the studio’s real life surfing classes in the Rockaways too!

For the Future Rocky’s: Rumble or Overthrow

I need to do a little shout out here: Kristina at Rumble is my ABSOLUTE favorite. If you are considering learning from an empowered bada** female boxer, take her class! Hers, like all those at Rumble or Overthrow, combine boxing technique with floor exercises, to give you that full body workout. Take a class if you want to learn the basic 1-2’s, or feel a little empowered for the next time you walk home alone.

For Mind Wellness Too: Y7 Studio

Y7 is a “sweat dripping, beat bumpin’,” yoga sweat sesh, accompanied by candlelight. The room is heated at a temperature between 80 to 90 degrees. The infrared heat simulation helps you flow through Kanye listening sessions. Check out this one if you are looking for a workout of both body and mind. The studio’s inspiring morals, and “tribe of sweat” attitude, may just be what you need this season.

For the Totally Energetic: Cyc or Ryde

Cyc is my weekly routine. It is simple and as easy as riding a bike. Shoutout to John at Cyc Chelsea if you are looking for an instructor with passion and a great playlist. This is good for anyone looking to challenge themselves, and work towards their own goals!

For those Who Love to Run (if they even exist?): Barry’s Bootcamp

I am not a runner, nor will I ever be. But this is a great choice if you want to learn how to be one. Not my number one choice, but the 1000 calorie burn pushes you to be your best. The 50-50 floor and treadmill workout switches themes each day too. Check the schedule to exercise those target areas here.

For the Dance Party Addict: 305 Fitness

Not a dancer? Not a problem. This class is perfect for those who love to boogie. Kill up to 900 calories in one class with this high-intensity rhythmic cardio. Expect air humping, jumping and dancing for this hour long, fancy footwork class!

For the Kid At Heart: TrampoLEAN

This is on my workout hit list. I used to love working out in the backyard on my trampoline, so I think this class would be a lot of fun for my inner child. Using trampoline aerodynamics, this cardio class works full body, all while bouncing on a trampoline!

Hope you reach your #fitnessgoals!

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