The Best Spots for Dinner Around Campus

In New York City, there's an endless amount of amazing restaurants to choose from for dinner. To help you decide where you and your friends should grab a bite tonight, here's a guide to the best restaurants around Washington Square Park.


This fusion restaurant serves an array of Malaysia, Thai, and Singaporean dishes, which will leave you full but always wanting more. From the beloved drunken noodles to chicken satay, Rasa will make you want to book your next trip to Southeast Asia. If you want a rush of nostalgia, you might consider ordering the hot Milo drink as well. Plus, the food is all Halal, so it accommodates Muslim dietary restrictions.


Ambient lighting? Check. Très bonne French food? Check. At Amélie, you can be as comfortable or bold as you want. You can order the steak tartare or opt for the foie gras. And if you’re a Ratatouille movie enthusiast, you can order the actual dish at this spot! Yelp says it’s two dollar signs, so you won’t have to break the bank to feel fancy for a night.

Thai Villa

Featured in Master of None, Thai Villa is probably one of the best Thai spots near campus (although Top Thai and Kiin Thai are still top favorites). Familiar dishes we have all had before, such as Pad Thai, illustrious masterpieces at Thai Villa. But there are more authentic dishes that we don’t usually see in other Thai restaurants, such as Kea Mao, Gai Yang, and Kaeng Runjuan. But with good food comes long wait times, so be prepared for that!  

Society Cafe

The skylight and the elegant interior perfectly complement the beautifully prepared dishes. You’ll want to post as many Insta stories as you possibly can, because eating at Society Cafe is usually a rare occasion. The bill can rack up pretty quickly, but it’s okay to indulge yourself once in a while.


You’ve probably already heard of this place, because it feels like everyone eats here. Being able to craft your own fresh grains or salad bowl isn’t unique to Cava, but the vibrant flavors do seem to be. Cava offers a healthy meal that will get you filled in around $10 - what’s not to like?!

The MasalaWala

Only a 20 minute walk from Washington Square Park, The MasalaWala is a cozy, LES Indian restaurant that serves all your favorites. You can’t go wrong with any of their dishes, whether it be the palak paneer, lamb vindaloo, or mouth-watering garlic naan. It’s a tiny place, so it’s better to have a reservation before you go!

We hope these recommendations inspire you to try out a new restaurant tonight! Bon appétit!

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