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5 Ways to Accessorize Your Dorm Room With Apollo Box

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NYU chapter.

When you see the word “dorm,” what do you think of? Chances are that it’s nothing too fancy: a few pieces of essential furniture, plain walls and floors, and maybe some fairy lights – classic dorm decor. While some people seem to think that over-decorating your dorm is too much of a hassle for a temporary living space, we have a different opinion. As your home away from home, we think your dorm should still be a cozy, safe haven and a reflection of who you are.

Luckily, Apollo Box is here to the rescue. A shopping platform that helps customers discover the most creative products, Apollo Box is an awesome shopping platform to use to accessorize your dorm. Read on for our top Apollo Box picks!

Brighten up your room with a….Himalayan Salt Lamp

One of the worst parts of my freshman and sophomore year dorms was the horrible lighting — the built-in dorm lights were always broken or too dim, and I often had to buy a separate light source on my own. Even then, my lamps were always super limited, with only on and off settings and aesthetically displeasing designs. This Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Lamp from Apollo Box is the light at the end of the tunnel and something that I personally keep in the corner of my own room. With a dim and a beautiful, rare gray cut, this lamp is perfect for any dorm room. It’s size is small enough to conveniently fit in any space but big enough to brighten up a room, and it also has some weight to it that gives the lamp an overall high-quality feel. Himalayan salt lamps also supposedly have the ability to freshen up and cleanse the air around it as a “natural ionizer,” making it the perfect addition to a college student’s room: it can improve your concentration and your sleep quality!

Bundle up during the cold seasons with a….Pom Pom Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are always my go-to in the winter, as sometimes one comforter isn’t enough for the cold, winter months. Although I haven’t experienced this too often, college dorms are sometimes notorious for their malfunctioning air conditioners and heaters, so having an extra blanket or two isn’t a bad idea. This Pom Pom Throw Blanket from Apollo Box is made out of a soft cotton with an adorable acrylic pom pom fringe that comes in a soft grey and baby pink. When you’re not wrapped up in this pom pom-embellished cocoon, drape it over a couch or chair to give your room a more chic vibe. Win-win.

Show off your green thumb with a….Cactus Throw Pillow  

Want to add more nature vibes to your room without the added responsibility of caring for real plants? Look no further than the Cactus Throw Pillow. Its rich green color will add a wonderful yet natural splash of color to your room, and the “arms” would probably make for a great body pillow at night!

Do your laundry in style with a….Denim Laundry Hamper

Laundry is pretty much always an eyesore, but that doesn’t mean your hamper has to be, too. Instead of opting for a plain, plastic laundry hamper, why not upgrade to a Denim Laundry Hamper? This lovely design comes in two sizes, small and large, and features a sturdy denim with waterproof coating.

Decorate your room and meet the low-maintenance pet of your dreams with a….Marimo Footed Aqua Terrarium Kit

Most dorms don’t allow students to keep pets, and many students are way too busy to even think about raising one on their own, anyway. If you still have the urge to care for something, consider raising moss balls, also known as ‘marimo!’ According to tsunagu Japan, “They don’t usually require food (though you might have suppliers that will sell you a marimo with marimo food), but you need to clean them every once in awhile just by rolling it between your hands. They are very soft, kind of squishy and are really fun to hold! They also come in lots of shapes and sizes so you can own a whole aquarium of marimo.” This Marimo Footed Aqua Terrarium Kit is the perfect starter kit if you are interested in becoming a marimo owner and also doubles as unique decor.We hope this guide inspired you to spice up your dorm room this fall with some fun, creative accessories. Happy decorating!

Images courtesy of Apollo Box.


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