5 Spring Trends as Seen on London Streets

Although London remains cloudy and rainy, Spring is beginning to break through the fog. One warm day can inspire the most pessimistic of Londoners to break out their short sleeves and white sneakers and hope for sunnier days to persist. As I walk through the streets of London, I see city-goers starting to add more Spring trends into their daily wardrobe. Here are 5 of the latest trends in London street fashion.

1. Bright Colored Layers

Not yet ready to abandon the pea coat, outerwear trends persist through the warmer weather. Boring grays and blacks are instead swapped out for pastel or neon yellows, pinks, and oranges. Adding a lighter pea coat or blazer jacket can dress up any outfit whether going to work, the park, or just to the grocery store. This trend allows Londonder to remain bundled up as rain still continues to fall. Bright coats are sure to add a spark of fun to any wardrobe and can guarantee you being seen through even the foggiest London day.

2. 80’s Style Sleeves

As jackets start to shed, it becomes time to show off exciting and trendy tops. Once it gets warm enough to show a little skin, you can see plenty of statement sleeves as you walk around London. Whether puffy like a pirate, delicately ruffled, or full of shoulder pads, these unique additions to classic shirts dress up any outfit. They can be paired with any bottom from a leather skirt to simple denim jeans. This trend is extremely versatile and can be fitted to any individual style and is a perfect and easy way to incorporate the 1980’s into your modern wardrobe.

3. Menswear for All

As fashion becomes more and more genderless in the modern age, women are beginning to experiment more with typically masculine trends and vice versa. One way this occurs often in the London streets is through blazers and suit sets worn by women and men alike. Blazers of all shapes, sizes, and colors are making their way into everyone’s closet. Whether fitted and buttoned up or oversized over a sweater, blazers are becoming much more casual and versatile. Pairing matching blazers and pants offers a more put-together look. With just plain sneakers, any extent of menswear can be dressed down and worn to class or the laundromat. If you are looking to change up your wardrobe, try dabbling with typically male-drive trends. As the idea of gender becomes challenged and changed in 2019, all clothes are up for grabs regardless of what section of a department store they are found in.

4. Accessories and More Accessories

Even in the most basic of outfits, accessories hold the power. All throughout London, you can see accessories and add-ons taking precedent in an outfit, making them the first thing you see when noticing a stylish woman or man on the street. Big statement earrings and necklaces draw attention to your face and can be paired with a cocktail dress or a white t-shirt and jeans. In all of Europe, hats are a big statement. This goes for England as well, as berets and newsboy caps transfer from season to season with lighter and brighter colors. Moving down the body, you can see multiple rings adorning every hand that swings past you on the street. Whether chunky or dainty, rings feed into personal style and add an air of fanciness to your everyday. Rings and all accessories are easy ways to spruce up any outfit for any occasion.

5. Military Chic

Military styles can be seen in various ways on London streets. Khaki colored, button-up shirts are worn knotted as crop-tops or open over tank tops. Cargo pants in a multitude of colors pop up mixed with turtlenecks or t-shirts. Chunky combat boots are paired with t-shirt dresses. This trend is easy to incorporate in every style, whether it is subtle or a full utility green pantsuit. Layered over girly sweaters or dresses makes them a bit harsher and bolder. Mixed with basics, this trends adds interest into classic outfits. Often very comfortable, the military trend should be explored by everyone regardless of personal style- even if it is just the color.

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