5 Coffee Shop Gems Around NYU

As NYU students, we all basically run on coffee. Living in NYC especially, there’s a coffee shop on almost every block. With all of these options, it can seem overwhelming to try and find a coffee shop serving up good brews without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a coffee addict looking for a new favorite spot, or someone wanting to break your Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee habit, here are 5 coffee spots around NYU that are worth checking out.

  1. Patisserie Fouet

Opening up just a few weeks ago on West 13th Street, this Japanese-French cafe serves up French pastries, desserts, and coffee with Japanese precision and style. Whether you’re cozying up to tackle some studying or taking your joe to go, Patisserie Fouet’s brew is the perfect amount of bitter and nuttiness to boost your energy and get you through the day. Treat yourself by pairing your coffee with one of their many cake slices and indulge in instant happiness.

2. Joe Coffee Company

One of the more well known coffee chains in New York, Joe Coffee Company on 8th Street offers a great cup for those who like prefer their coffee dark and bitter. They also make lovely lattes steamed to perfection that are sure to protect you against the chilly NYC air. If you’re looking to study here, get here early as the shop is small and will fill up quickly.

3. Stumptown Coffee

On the corner of 8th and MacDougal sits Stumptown Coffee, brewing their homemade roasted coffee beans for any customer that walks in the door. The store is pretty spacious and ideal for stowing away to work away on a laptop or read a book. Their standard cup of coffee hits you with a punch of bitterness but soon melts into a warm and slightly sweet, chocolatey aftertaste.    

4. Madman Espresso

Searching for a hipster, hole in the wall coffee shop to curl up in? Madman Espresso is the place for you. Located on University Place, this warmly lit, cozy coffee shop will give you high-end coffee at a reasonable price. Their house blend is deep and little more rich and floral for those who prefer a stronger, more robust cup. Pair it with a sandwich or pastry and relax by sitting at a stool in the window.

5. Third Rail

Another quaint and quiet coffee shop,Third Rail Coffee is situated on Sullivan Street on the tip of Soho. Upon entering, it is as if you get a breath from the chaos of New York when ordering your coffee. Their lattes are the perfect amount of creamy and warm to soothe your stress and prep you for your day. If the weather is good, they even have a bench in front of the store - ideal for people-watching.

Each of these places has a great cup of coffee for anyone craving a cup, so be sure to try these out and find your perfect fit!

Images 1, 2, and 5 taken by author. Images 2, 3 courtesy of Pexels.