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Ever wonder why you’ve been feeling sluggish or why the days seem to drift by? Why does it seem as though you can’t just get a break? When it feels as though you just can not anymore. It probably means you need a mental day. A mental day is a day you take off for yourself in order to rest and reset your mind. 

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Why is it important you may ask? It is important to have days where all of your focus is on yourself. This helps balance and establish your mental health. Taking a day to relax your mind helps you realign yourself from within. Mental days are like a breath of fresh air, when you have been stressed or have had too many due dates at once. Taking those days off helps you from your stress, prevents a mental burn out and keeps you balanced. As a college student, I know what it’s like to have a pile of homework to do, organizations to be active in, working, etc. all of that can pile up on top of you all at once. When so many things fall upon you it can easily lead to a mental funk. Your grades can suffer, your heath can suffer, even your social life can suffer. Taking a mental day can help bypass that overwhelming feeling. Put that work to the side for a day to help avoid a burn out, your mental health should always come first no matter what. 

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What do you do on a mental day? Anything that helps calm you down. The possibilities are endless with mental days, you could take yourself out on a date to the movies, a day of meditating, you could stay at home and binge Netflix, literally anything you want. For me personally, I do a mixture of binging Hulu and Youtube Videos and taking the time to express myself through writing. Somedays, I know everyone feels as though they mentally can’t go through that day, that’s what makes mental days so essential they help stable you and get you back into the move of work. 


Remember to take that mental day off, because that one day off can save you from something more drastic and draining in the future.

I am mass com and theather major. I love writing, dancing and watching tv. My goal in life is to write and produce my own tevison shows. I go to nsu and i am expecting and want to gradute in dec of 2021.
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