The Secret to Achieving Your Health Goals in the New Year

It’s almost New Year’s Resolution season. Our timelines will soon be filled with vision boards, goal announcements, and tons of motivation. The start of a new year can be such an exciting time as we plot and plan how we are going to make this year our year. A common goal that a lot of women share at the beginning of a new year is being healthier. Whether that’s losing weight, toning up, or committing to eating better; Women across the globe will be making a pledge in January to take control of their health.  


What We Already Know  


How many us have ever started a diet or work-out routine on January 1st and by February 1st we were back to our old habits? Trust me you are not the only one. Studies show that majority of New Year’s Resolutions do not last pass the first few weeks. Most of these resolutions do not last because they do not have an intentional plan behind them. They were made in the excitement of the moment. 


So What’s the Secret? 


The secret to achieving your health goals in the new year is MEAL PREPPING! Yes, MEAL PREPPING! Meal Prepping is the act of planning and preparing your meals ahead of time. Meal Prepping takes the guess work out of eating healthy. It sets you up to always have ready-to-go healthy foods to eat. Meal Prepping also creates a barrier between you and unhealthy foods. Without pre-planning and prepping meals, we are all a lot more likely to head to the nearest fast food place to eat when we are hungry. Eating the healthy, pre-made meals in your meal plan also serve as momentum to hit the gym a few more times each week.  


How to Meal Prep 

  Meal prepping should be completely personalized to your daily life. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. You will also most likely have to try out different structures until you find one that works. I recommend starting with writing down what you want to eat. The meals/ recipes that make it on to your menu for the week should be foods that you love to eat that are packed with nutritional value. Make your Meal Plan clear and put each item in a category. Example: Breakfast, Snack 1, Lunch. Start with coming up with big meals first then work your way down to snacks. Do not be afraid to use the same food for different purposes. For example, I always put kale on my grocery list. I can use it for salads, side dishes, and smoothies. If you are ever stuck on finding recipes or different ways to cook food You Tube, Blogs, and Pinterest are great resources. Switch up your meal plan often by trying out different meals. This will shock your body and stop you from getting bored or giving up.  


This will be the year you reach ALL of your health goals. Believe that is true and make daily decisions to bring you closer. Along this journey it can be so easy to slip into a perfectionist mindset BUT DON’T. Everything will happen in time. Strive for consistency, create a meal plan, and trust the process.