Pamper Yourself This Winter

This winter season seems to be way more intense than it was last year. I mean, it snowed in November! That doesn’t usually happen. Anyways, winter means colder, dryer weather and that usually means dryer skin and hair. Here are some tips for keeping your skin and hair healthy through frosty season!

Hair Masks/Treatments Hair masks are essential during this time of year, especially if you have naturally curly hair. Why? Because curly hair needs all the moisture it can get during the colder months. Cold weather makes natural hair prone to dryness, which can lead to brittle ends and we all know that brittle ends lead to breakage. Lets not break our hair this season ladies! There are different ways to put moisture in your hair such as hot oil treatments, overnight hair masks, and even leave in hair masks (lazy girl friendly btw) and they are for all types of hair. Masking every two weeks is the easiest way to make sure your hair gets the moisture it needs.


Face masks Face masks can be used whenever, before makeup, after makeup, before going to sleep, in the morning, literally whenever you have time to. Dry, cold air can dry out your skin and cause your skin to become textured and which can lead to a not so flawless foundation finish. To prevent this it would be best to do a hydrating face mask every week to keep your skin hydrated and ready to combat the cold winds.


Change your skincare routine Why should you change your skincare routine? Because with a change in weather your skin will change in texture or in the way it reacts to products. For example, Noxzema is a great product for my skin in the winter because it keeps my skin moisturized, but in the summer when my skin is not in need of so much extra moisture it makes my skin feel weighed down. Usually around this time its best to get products that help with moisture and gentle exfoliators to get rid of the dead skin.


With these tips your self-care regimen is sure to leave you moisturized and ready to get through these chilly months with ease! Comment on our instagram @hercampusatnsu and let us know what you do to stay moisturized during the winter!