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Keeping Your Punani Clean & Safe!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

Ladies, I know you want to keep it smelling good down there but that only throws off your PH balance! You can use soap on your vulva (area around vagina) but make sure it’s one of the soaps below and I’ll tell you why.

Soap #1   DOVE

Make sure it’s the one for sensitive skin and has no scents. Scented soaps are bad for your vulva! It throws off your PH balance, so your best bet is to get this kind of soap if you want to use Dove.

Soap #2 IVORY

This soap is great as well. Works great on sensitive skin and doesn’t have a scent that will harm your PH balances. This soap is mild. Best soaps to use down there are the mild ones.

*The products that you shouldn’t use between your legs are:

Product #1 Douches

The mixture of water and vinegar might clean the inside of your punani, but you aren’t supposed to use any product inside your punani. Also, it dries out the inside and who wants a dry punani?! It’s very uncomfortable and the friction can make less pleasurable.

Product #2 PH Balance Soaps

Your body balances the PH balance alone. It doesn’t need a helper to assist with the task. Fun fact, the vagina cleans itself, just as most of your other organs do.

Product #3 Lotion

I know it’s tempting to keep it moisturized down there but your vagina is very sensitive. You can’t just use anything down there. Believe it or not lotion makes it dryer.


-Mild soaps with no scents that are great for sensitive skin are the best that you could possible use.  

– Don’t wear tight clothing

-Avoid PH Balancers   


These tips will ensure a healthy PH for you and your friend downstairs.