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How to Secure an Internship

It’s around the time of the year where we’re all looking for internships and some of us may be a little confused on how to actually secure one. Internships are a great resume builder and a way to find out if you’re fully interested in the field you choose to dedicate your life to after graduation. Keep reading to get some good ideas on how to secure the internship of your dreams!

1. Self-assess

This is a big portion of what goes into an internship. You have to realize a few things about yourself, such as: what are your interests? What are your goals? What are the specifics of the career I’m trying to pursue? Are my grades good enough to pursue an internship?

2. Research

When you’re researching internship opportunities, you have to keep in mind all of your answers to your self-assessment questions and add in answers to different questions such as, what are you hoping to gain from an internship opportunity? If you were interested in an unpaid internship opportunity, could you afford it? How far away from your location are you willing to travel? Also, critically consider deadlines and your schedule.

3. Network

Talk to the people around you, professors, peers, mentors, alumni. You’re going to need recommendation letters and essay editing and proofreading, you’ll also need a support system and a team of people behind you who may have been where you’re going and can show you how to get there.

4. Apply

Go for it! Apply with all of your best materials (resume, personal statement, recommendation letters, etc.) by the deadline and wait to hear back from your prospects. Take a deep breath and relax after this step, waiting to hear back from your internship opportunities can make you extremely anxious.

5. Follow up

Anyone who helped you through the process gets a thank you note! You should let a few days go by and email the recruiter from the company you applied to and make sure all of the information was received.

6. Interview

This may or may not apply, but if it does make sure you’re well prepared and are able to give the best first impression within reach, because even if it does not work out at the time of your internship application – you can always apply full time after graduation.

7. Accept (secure) or Withdraw offers

This is an easy one, weigh your options and decide which internship is the best fit for you, your life, and your future career.


Hopefully these tips were helpful in your search for an internship and you’re able to be offered the internship of your dreams. Good luck and happy internship hunting!


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