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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.


As my time at university draws to an unexpected and abrupt close, it seems apt to look back over the whole whirlwind experience. Here are the defining factors of my wonderful three years at the University of Nottingham. 


A – Alcohol:

Too much of this was consumed (particularly in first year) but it was worth it for the memories I now have.


B – Books:

Studying English has left me with shelves full of books that I will probably never read again.


C – Coughing:

From Fresher’s Flu in first year right through to the outbreak of Coronavirus in third, coughing featured heavily in my time at Nottingham.


D – Dancing: 

From the Bierkeller tables to the Ocean dancefloor, my dancing was often influenced by the alcohol mentioned earlier…


E – Essays:

I had some successes and some flops, but I can safely say my ability to sound knowledgeable about subjects I don’t understand has massively improved.


F – Freezing:

I discovered a new level of cold whilst living in a student house.


G – Gym:

Started going to the gym for the first time ever whilst at university and finally conquered my fear of exercising in front of people.


H – Her Campus:

Obviously, this makes the list for all the useful writing experience I’ve gained!


I – Ideas:

University has given me the chance to explore my ideas and discuss them openly with other students.


J – Job:

Am I leaving university with my ‘dream’ job lined up? No, I’m not. Am I worried about that? Yes… but that’s all part of the experience, right? 


K – Kitchen:

This was where I spent all my time in first year when living in halls. That kitchen hosted pre-drinks, movie nights and even Christmas dinner.


L – Laughter: 

I’ve had unforgettable moments with the friends I’ve made at university and almost all of them involve laughing hysterically at one another.


M – Monopoly:

Some of the best nights spent with my flatmates were those where we stayed in and played board games instead of going out drinking. Monopoly never managed to cause any arguments between us, but it did highlight just how terrible my investment tactics are.


N – Netball: 

Joined the English Society Netball Team and found a love for netball that I had left behind in High School. Unfortunately, I also left behind all my netball skills but what does that matter when you’re having fun.


O – Ocean: 

Many nights were spent here, dancing along to the cheesiest songs into the early hours of the morning.


P – Pasta:

Ridiculous amounts of pasta were eaten throughout my three years at university and I’m still not sick of it yet.


Q – Quarantine:

Unfortunately, this is the way my third year is coming to an end. On a more positive note, it has meant that I’ve been able to spend more time with my wonderful housemates.


R – Reading:

This is an obvious one considering I study English. However, it also covers a lovely experience I had in second year where I volunteered to read for people with dementia in hospital. Opportunities like this are what university is all about.


S – Seminars:

I’ve endured many seminars across the three years, from the completely silent and awkward ones to those where everyone has something to say and there isn’t enough time to get through it all!


T – Trent building:

Probably my favourite building on campus to look at, but definitely my least favourite to navigate.


U – U-turn:

I started my course expecting to love studying literature and hate linguistics but ended up loving learning about linguistics and dreading literature. 


V – Vampire Diaries:

My housemates and I developed an unhealthy obsession with Vampire Diaries and ploughed our way through six seasons of it in a few months’ time. I regret nothing. (P.S. team Damon all the way)


W – Washing:

Whether it was clothes or dishes, the washing was never ending.


X – X-Rated:

This describes some of the conversations I’ve been a part of. Especially those off the back of playing ‘Never have I ever’.


Y – Yoga: Shout out to those two yoga classes I made it to in second year.


Z – Zero:

I have zero regrets in choosing the University of Nottingham to be the base for an unforgettable three years of my life.

Meghan Jarvis

Nottingham '20

Meghan is a third year student studying English at the University of Nottingham. She enjoys reading, writing and all things food. Meghan is a features writer for HerCampus Nottingham magazine.