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The results are in!

It turns out the University of Nottingham had the highest amount of student voters in the SU Elections out of every university in Britain! Whether you read each and every manifesto or were convinced when by the many candidates in Ocean, Ink and Crisis, here are the people who will be leading the SU next year:

Mature Students Officer: Christos Konstantinou

Disabilities Officers: Agata Cienciala & Helen Raynor

Postgrad Officer: Matt Bramley

Women’s Officer: Flora Maier

International Students Officer: Csonger Sovany

Community Officer: Abel Hartman

Environmental & Social Justice: Emory Cunnington

Sports Officer: Lauren Heria

Equal Opportunities & Welfare Officer: Katie Leach

LGBT Officer: Lux Huntingdon

Education Officer: Beth Massey

Activities Officer: Becky Player

President: Ismail Sadurdeen  

I’m sure you’ll see them around everywhere next year, and hopefully a lot of their proposed changes will also come into fruition for the benefit of students. Maybe this time next year you’ll be featured in Her Campus as an SU election candidate? (I’ll vote for you in exchange for chocolate/alcoholic beverages, but don’t tell).


Image source: http://www.hercampus.com/school/nottingham/why-you-should-vote-su-elections

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