When the World Made Sense

It’s hard not to reminisce about our lives before this pandemic and how much the world has changed as a result. It is true that in times of crisis, we always long for things to return to the way they were: to a better time. Although it may be hard for us to do so, it gives us hope that we will achieve a sense of normality within the next year.

Here is my top five list of things I miss about my life before Lockdown. 


1. Travelling

Without sounding too pretentious, I’d say that I’m quite well-travelled for my age and it has always been a huge part of my life growing up. One of the most unforgettable trips was my month-long expedition to Peru, the climax of which was climbing Machu Picchu. With that being said, some of my favourite family holidays have been in the UK such as going on coastal walks in Cornwall and camping in Snowdonia, hiking up Mount Snowdon. 

Since March I haven’t really travelled anywhere, and this has been really hard to deal with. As soon as the end to this pandemic is in sight, I am straight on that plane and I don’t even care where it’s taking me!


2. Nightlife

It seems like an age ago since I’ve stepped foot into a club and that feels so weird to say. Every student knows how important the ‘clubbing culture’ and nightlife is at university even if you aren’t partial to it yourself. I for one, am partial to it and I really miss it!

In my first year, nights out at Rock City and Ocean were something I completely took for granted and I never could have imagined that they would end as abruptly as they did. Even going to a cocktail bar or pub is difficult to do now.

I can’t wait to get back to enjoying student life... the way it should be.


3. Seeing my Family and Friends

This is the one thing that has hit me the hardest. I took the decision to go home during this second lockdown so I have been lucky enough to spend it at home with my mum. However, I haven’t seen anyone else from my family for over a month now! But the worse thing of all is not being able to visit my boyfriend, although we have been face-timing and texting a lot, which has been my lifeline in all of this. It’s been really tough but just being able to see his face has kept me sane. I’m so grateful for technology! 

I’ve also missed my friends, both from home and at uni. Whether it would be going out for a drink or having a cute little coffee date with one of my closest friends, I would give anything to have the freedom to do so.

I feel like this time round I have missed people though. If I could choose one of these aspects of my life to go back to normal first, I would definitely pick my family and friends.


4. Uni Life

This has been the strangest term in education I’ve ever had! Especially since I’ve been at home during lockdown, with all of my teaching being online. I never thought I’d say this, but I genuinely miss face-to-face sessions. They provided some structure to my day and there was something rewarding about making your 9 am lecture on time.

Most of all, I miss the hustle and bustle of campus life. This year I haven’t joined any societies due to there being no face-to-face contact and although you can still socialise online with other members, it’s definitely not the same. My whole uni experience has a different feel about it this year and I miss the intimacy of being around and meeting new people without socially distancing.


5. Being care-free!

This is quite a generic one, but I feel like everyone knows exactly what I mean. Before this pandemic, we never had to think about where we were going, for how long, with how many people. Whenever I left my house, it was always, ‘have I got my keys and purse?’ but now, I always ask myself, ‘have I got my mask?’ with the other two being a secondary thought. 

Every time I step out, even if it’s just for a walk, I feel like I’m breaking the rules or that I shouldn’t be out for more than an hour or two. 

I miss being carefree, spontaneous and not have to plan out everything in advance.


These are the aspects I miss most about my life before this pandemic. Although we still have a way to go before COVID-19 shows any signs of disappearing, a return to normality is on the horizon. We’ve come this far so don’t give up now. Keep going, everyone!