What Your Meal Deal Choice Says About You – Exam Edition

With exams getting closer, the little things in life start to feel like a huge treat. The humble meal deal is just one of those exam time heroes, getting us through the long hours spent in the library. But next time you’re stood choosing your meal deal, stop and ask yourself; what does your meal deal choice say about your revision style?


The Sandwich

Triple Sandwiches

Knows how to play the game. From getting the most for their money on the meal deal to correctly predicting the questions on the exam, the triple sandwich-ers are onto a winner.

Hot Salmon Pasta

The definition of style over substance. Did all the talking in the seminars but never said anything worth writing down. Will come out of the exams with a 2:2 and email their tutor to complain.


A Salad

Probably vegan and probably too busy telling everyone about the fact that they’re vegan to actually get any work done.


A Wrap

Has pretty revision notes but will fall at the final hurdle when the boy she fancies booty calls her the night before her exam.

The Drink


Has read the entire reading list and had private meetings with their tutor to discuss their opinions. Though they might have chosen the worst drink, they’ll get the best grade, and we all secretly want to be them.


Naked Smoothie

Purchased by two types of people; those money savvy triple sandwich lovers or a girl in gym shark leggings. Whilst the triple sandwich-er would be delighted to know that bottle contains two to three portions of smoothie, the girl would be horrified to know that her ‘healthy drink’ is the reason Grace Fit UK’s tutorials just aren’t working for her.


A classic drink for a classic nice boy. Too busy texting every girl he's ever pulled so as not to hurt their feelings to learn the 36 pages of revision notes he's so carefully prepared.


The Snack


Read an article about the power of brain food during GCSEs and has followed its advice religiously ever since.


"Healthy" crisps

Like they're missing the point of crisps, they've probably missed the point of the whole module. Most likely to come out of the exam having answered all seven questions when you were only meant to choose one.

Extra Hot Doritos

A bit of a maverick. Missed the vast majority of the lectures but will still bag a solid 2:1 through all-nighters in the library.


A flake

They've been bailing on nights out since January to revise for these exams. They'd better get a good mark or else you'll be having words.