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What Happens Now?: A Glimpse into our Post-Brexit Global University

With the signing of Article 50 but a still as-yet-undetermined agreement regarding the UK’s position post-Brexit, former Her Campus Nottingham writer Hannah Shepperd shares some helpful advice for current students in this uncertain period…

Marking some of the substantial decisive steps of Brexit thus far are leaked documents, calls for tougher immigration laws and the onset of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. However beneath the surface are real charged emotions and questions emanating from international students and Visa-holding staff.

Messages rippling throughout Nottingham’s international community surrounding the onset of Brexit are ambiguous to say the least.

Given Nottingham’s global vision of inclusion – priding itself on its tremendously diverse communities – we cannot afford for these fearful assumptions to gain traction. It’s been announced that relationships will not be eroded, rather those who contribute so profoundly to our vibrant and supportive global community at Nottingham will be supported through every step.

Disclosed by the Immigration Advice Service, there has been a proliferation of students appearing at the door of the IAS offices, not feeling confident about their transition to a UK Student Visa and beyond. It is not surprising that students are taking this step and seeking advice about their Visas from Europe and the world beyond.

Where can I find advice and help?

The university’s port of call is the student services centre who can be contacted at various on campus locations.

However, for more substantial advice, the UK’s most successful immigration law centre www.iasservices.org.uk is on your doorstep with a new office in Derby and a firm in Leicester, who can help to clarify your options and answer any of your Visa questions about the Brexit effects.

They have offices all around the country and can provide you with assistance in post-university Visa options, general visa guidance, and you can even enquire about the range of immigration law training courses for the soon-to-be law graduates out there.

Will my year abroad be affected?

Students will be unaffected by the changes. Fees will continue at the rate they were. In fact, the year abroad provision for Nottingham was established even before the EU was formed, so there is very little to worry about.

I’m a Non-UK student – what is my Immigration Status?

It has been confirmed by senior Nottingham professors that no changes will take place, except in the unlikely case that the Government decide on unilateral action. Throughout this period, the UK is expected to maintain all aspects of its membership within the EU.

Students from EU member states will not be affected until national level negotiations on freedom of movement are complete. Visit the IAS website for further advice on this matter www.iasservices.org.uk .

Will I still be able to undertake an Erasmus+ scheme?

Those wishing to do the scheme will simply be unaffected and should continue with their applications as normal.






First year International Media and Communications student at the University of Nottingham and Features writer for Her Campus! 
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