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Watching The Calories: 6 Skinny Cocktails to Keep You Drinking

While a double vodka coke doesn’t necessarily count as a cocktail, drinking at the rate that we do as students means that not only are we piling on the calories, but we also risk drinking beyond the point of what our body can actually take.

Rather than cutting back on the alcohol, here are some go-to drinks that are about as healthy as you can get without giving it up completely!

1. Vodka Tonic/Diet Lemonade

If you’re at a pre-lash or getting a quick drink at the bar in a club, you won’t have much time to taste your drink anyway, so for the tiny cost of a slightly stronger taste of vodka you limit the damage to only 70-80 calories per drink as opposed to the usual 130 calories.

2.  Mojito

Made up of Bacardi, fresh mint, lime juice and soda water, this is a refreshing and simple cocktail that will cut back on the weight gain. Most bars will have this classic on their menu, but if you’re looking to have a few quiet drinks head over to All Bar One—they have a special ‘Skinny mojito’ that uses Agave syrup instead of sugar and juice.


3. Skinny Margarita

Always a favourite but weighing heavily at an average of 200 calories, TGI Friday’s has introduced a new selection of skinny cocktails to their menu that are all less than 100 calories! Their blackberry margarita is particularly delicious.  

4. Cosmopolitan

If they make it right, it is really just a fancy name for a vodka cranberry. Tell the bartender to cut back on the triple sec though—it’ll make all the difference.

5. Martini

All the rage in the prohibition era, this drink is another great skinny option. If it’s a bit too strong for your taste, head over to Pit and Pendulum for one of their “Yule” appletinis to give you an extra vitamin C boost while still keeping the sugar to a minimum.

6. Prosecco

Bellinis and mimosas taste delicious but there’s a reason why celebrities and models usually opt for a glass of bubbly straight up. The purée and fruit liqueur used to make champagne cocktails and wine spritzers are extremely sugary, averaging at around 150 calories per glass. Not a fan of Prosecco? Get on the white wine!

Try and stay away from the alcopops as they are right up there in the 200 calories mark with lager and cider and we all know pot bellies are not a good look. Happy drinking!

Born in England and raised in Hong Kong, Yi Li decided to come back to the U.K. to study English and History at the University of Nottingham. When not writing, she's either on the hunt for the best new cocktails or dancing like a maniac to the latest electro house hits. Follow on twitter @yilidawson
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