Top 5 University Wardrobe Staples

It’s easy to keep buying clothes - too often I can spend £30 on an impulse buy and only wear it on one or two occasions. That is why this year I have decided to ensure I have a staple wardrobe so I can hopefully avoid this not-so-student-friendly method of shopping and instead always have really wearable outfits for University! Here are the top 5 items that you need in your wardrobe.

1. Basic t-shirts

T-Shirts are amazing, they go with anything and can be dressed up or down. I have a black, a grey and a white t shirt and I find I can match these with anything. Of course, the colour scheme is completely dependent on your own personal style.

My t-shirts are from the Zara Basics collection, and they are a simple V neck style. The quality of the Zara t-shirts are amazing and they fall really nicely. For only £5.99 each, they don’t break the bank either! But there are loads of other options too; you can buy basic  t-shirts with V necks or crew necklines anywhere - for example, Primark have t-shirts in every colour for just £2!

2. Jeans

I feel like jeans are an obvious staple, but need to be noted regardless! Black skinny jeans, in my opinion, are a necessity. These can be worn during the day or the evening. I tend to go for the high-waisted style, with my favourite day-to-day essentials being the Topshop Joni jeans, which are £36.

However, I have recently discovered the Primark high-waisted super skinny jeans, which are only £8 each and pretty much identical to the Topshop Joni jeans in both style and feel. I now own these jeans in 3 different colours, which was still cheaper than buying just one pair from Topshop, so I really urge you to check them out!

Mom jeans are also a great way to get a more laid back, relaxed look, and when styled with a plain T shirt and a leather jacket, you have instant put together look with limited effort! Mom jeans can be rather pricey, especially the designer ones, so I’d recommend having a look on Depop. I recently bought some Calvin Klein ones for only £20!

3. Skirts

My personal go-to skirts are either leather or denim. Leather skirts are obviously the more “dressy” of the two, but they can be worn all year round, paired with a jumper for a daytime look or a cropped top for a Rock City ready outfit. I have had the same leather skirt since I was 15 so they really are an investment if you don’t already own one!

Here is one I have found on Missguided which is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. And at a mere £22 (or £17.60 with student discount), it truly is a bargain!

Denim skirts are also so handy to have in your wardrobe. Topshop have an amazing range at the moment, with even silver coated denim skirts in stock.. Despite this silver skirt being on my wish-list, I have opted for a more classic look for my day to day basics wardrobe, with a plain black denim skirt that literally goes with anything. It is perfect for just throwing on with some tights for a lecture, or pairing with a cropped top, or a mesh top and a bralet for clubbing, or even a nice blouse for an evening meal or date night. This one is from Topshop and it is £29.

4. Sweatshirts

Is there a more convenient thing to throw on than a sweatshirt? They are so comfy and warm and also easy to style. I prefer to style oversized sweatshirts and roll the sleeves up for a careless look, and it isso much cosier to have that extra length in the body if you wear them oversized. I love to wear the University of Nottingham sweatshirt, sold in the Students Union when I’m on campus sometimes. I also love just a plain grey sweatshirt, there are plenty in Primark, particularly in the men’s section or in different colours in the H&Ms mens’ section for just £8.99.

5. Trainers

Trainers are perfect for day wear and to clubs in the evening. My personal favourites include Adidas Superstars, Nike Air Max 90s (in black so they can be worn with tights) and you can’t beat a pair of converse. Obviously you don’t have to pay so much for trainers, but I have always found that they last a lot longer, especially if you want your shoes to survive Crisis!!

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