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Top 10 Most Photogenic Places Around the University of Nottingham!

With the weather finally warming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to test your photography skills around our university! So to make it a bit easier for you, we’ve come up with the best places to take some beautiful pictures around Nottingham’s campuses.


1.  The back of Trent Building, University Park campus.

Trent Building faces the lake in Highfields Park, but there’s also a wonderful garden with blossom trees. We’re so jealous of those offices who have that amazing view!

2. The Millennium Garden around the corner from Hallward Library, University Park campus.

One of the more hidden gems of our campus is behind the Law and Social Sciences building. – a guaranteed quiet spot.

3. The Lions by Highfields Park.

Looking for a more dramatic shot? Highfields Park have a pair of stone lions calling your name, and your camera!

4. The Nottingham Sign, Cripps Hill.

How can this article go without mentioning our infamous Nottingham sign on Cripps Hill? A popular spot for graduation photos, it’ll be impossible not to tell where you are with this in the background!

5. Behind the Ingenuity Centre, Jubilee Campus.

A new spot that I discovered this year was around the back of the Ingenuity Lab on Jubilee Campus. There’s a bridge behind it that’ll give you the perfect view of the amazing architecture of the Lab, and the brilliant light that the buildings give off.

6. George Green Library, University Park campus.

Speaking of architecture, have you seen those curves on George Green Library?! Arguably the best glow-up for a library ever.

7. The Sir Harry & Lady Djanogly Learning Resource centre, Jubilee Campus.

I know you probably don’t want to even think about libraries anymore during this exam season, but a great late-night revision study break would be to try to snap a picture of the library on Jubilee Campus at night. Its unique shape reflects on the water, making the perfect post for a cheeky Insta-story!


8. If you’re looking for a different angle, try climbing up one of the taller buildings on campus for a birds-eye view of the campus, or, if you have one, use your drone to get a totally unique shot! You’ll really get to appreciate the greenery that surrounds our campuses.

9. Business School South and Si Yuan Centre of Contemporary Chinese Studies, Jubilee Campus.

Jubilee Campus known for having more fountains than probably necessary. I’m kidding – they’re all necessary. There’s also a waterfall close to these buildings where the water’s so clear it’ll burn your retinas when the sun’s out. I’m not kidding.

10. Sutton Bonington Campus.

If you want to catch an amazing sunset, Sutton Bonington campus is the place to go to. The buildings are lower so there won’t be anything in your way, and there’s also loads of amazing glasshouses that look brilliant at night!

Edited By Isabelle Walker

Photo Source: Instagram @uniofnottingham



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