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Style Guide: Club Outfits for Every Event

Dressing for a night out is actually quite a challenge if you enjoy the Nottingham nightlife and dedicate multiple nights a week to consuming too much alcohol and dancing into the early morning with little regard for your 9am lecture later that day.

Luckily, the clubs in Nottingham don’t seem to have a strict dress code; there’s no need for ankle-breaking heels or glitzy dresses to fit in and throw some shapes. If you’re in need of some casual outfit inspiration for a night out in Nottingham, then you’re in the right place!  

1. Casual Lemonade Mondays

I see Pryzm as the most casual club night, which usually consists of the Monday declaration, ‘I’m definitely not going out this week; I’m saving my money and I’m going to do some work’ to (easily) being persuaded that you really will be missing out if you don’t go. FOMO is the worst (you know you will only end up checking Snapchat stories and regretting not going) and so eventually you cave in and have approximately 20 minutes to get ready. For such an occasion, this is the type of outfit I tend to go for:

Topshop Joni Jeans, £36

Or alternatively a black denim skirt, Topshop £29

Pair them with a cropped top of some sort or a bralette layered with a mesh top. These are a such a great option: they’re affordable and match well with a lot of outfits.

Zara sheer T shirt, £7.99

2. Ocean Fridays

The infamous Ocean is perfect if you love cheesy music and a guilt free night out with the prospect of a Saturday morning lie in. I tend to dress slightly nicer for an Ocean night than a Pryzm night out, but that’s just my personal preference and really anything goes. I usually wear an outfit similar to this one:

Topshop Silver skirt, £34

Black bodysuit, Pretty Little Thing, £18

3. Cirque-esque outfit 

When Cirque comes around, I get incredibly excited. It is my personal favourite event and I love the fact that you can wear something slightly more edgy and ‘out there’ like this skirt and shirt combo which is completely socially acceptable just because it is cirque!

Fishnet T shirt, Bershka, £12.99

Red Skirt, Stradivarius, £25.99

There you have it, some outfit suggestions for the many amazing club nights around Nottingham. Get your glad rags on ladies!

Edited by: Tia Ralhan

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