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Lent is slowly creeping to the end, which means you can finally indulge in everything you gave up; or in this case, you can stop doing 1-minute exercises each day (unless this ended after day one)…

Here’s the final push with only twelve more to go:


1. Wall burpees – basically hell in one move. Put your legs on a wall, holding yourself up with your arms and jump moving your legs lower down on the wall and back up to a higher position, with the aim to keep your legs straight.


2. One legged left squats – start on your left leg. Slightly bend it and bring your right leg in front, keeping it straight. Move up and down, as far as possible to the ground, without locking your left knee (or toppling over).


3. One legged right squat

Lie on the floor and use only your arms to drag your body from one side of the room to the other. You should feel it in your arms and shoulders. If you have a tiny room, ask your housemates to do it in theirs or go back and fourth from one side to the other.


4. Air star jumps – instead of normal star jumps, jump in between when your legs are together; then in the air, jump into a star-shape again.


5. Start in a plank position, but with your bum raised a bit in the air. Walk your hands towards your feet and then walk back out into beginning position.


6. Varying squats – start with your legs close together and do 20 seconds of squats. Then move your feet out an inch further apart and do another 20 seconds. Finally, do the last 20 seconds with your feet another inch wider. All these will work different parts of your leg muscle.


7. Jumping lunge – start with your right leg in front and left leg behind, and the opposite arm straight in front of you. Jump and change to put your left leg in front and right arm behind, and again move your opposite arm to straight in front of you (eg. When right leg forward, left arm forward and right arm back).


8. Left legged side squat – start on your left leg but instead of your right leg being in front of you, straighten it to the right side.


9. Right legged side squat – do the same as above but on your right leg and your left leg to the side.


10. Put your hands on your head and keep your lower body completely still in a squat stance. Move your waist from side to side so only your top body is moving right to left.


11. Side lunges – Bend into a left leg lunge and once in this position, turn your body to the left (if right leg in front, turn to the right). This will work your core as well as your legs.

You have officially completed the Lent challenge (I feel like you should at least achieve a certificate). From doing an all rounder 40-minute workout, give yourself a high five and a day off – you definitely deserve it!


Edited by Ili Mustafa

I am a third year student at the University of Nottingham studying English with Creative Writing. I love to travel, read, swim, keep fit, and listen to music. In my spare time, I enjoy meeting up with my friends and family to watch films or go for drinks.Follow me on twitter @gabyblock 
Sam is a Third Year at the University of Nottingham, England and Campus Correspondent for HC Nottingham. She is studying English and would love a career in journalism or marketing (to name two very broad industries). But for now, her favourite pastimes include nightclubs, ebay, cooking, reading, hunting down new music, watching thought-provoking films, chatting, and attempting to find a sport/workout regime that she enjoys!