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Send Coffee, Please: #5 Heading Back to Uni

In her first blog post back in the new year, Mel talks about starting again this year and heading back to university in the same circumstances as we left it last term.


So, here we are again. Lockdown 3.0. And I’m sure that most people are feeling pretty dejected right now. I know I am. But things are (somewhat) looking up with vaccine rollout underway. Like many I am sure, I am trying to keep positive hoping that one day soon I will be back in a lecture hall surrounded by English students who are planning what they’re going to wear that night.


I have just arrived back in Nottingham, a move that brought with it both excitement and anticipation. Before coming, I thought that returning would mean I would be surrounded by students again and that I would find lots to do, but the reality is quite the opposite. Lenton is quiet, a paradox, and there appear to be very few students around. Hopefully, with the start of term next week will come a routine and work to be done, and life might start feeling a little more normal. I am looking forward to the day we are allowed back into a lecture theatre… Until then, I am trying to find ways to stay afloat and positive, so here are a few tips:



1. Exercise

A simple, overstated activity that we are all bored of hearing by now, but it is so important. Try to do something every day, whether that is a walk, a run, a cycle or a room workout, move your body and get some fresh air at some point. It can be a drag to get yourself to do it, but once you do, I promise you will feel so much better!



2. Cook Tasty, Healthy Food

With all the time we currently have on our hands, it is a perfect opportunity to try your hand at some new recipes! We have all fallen victim to the convenience of Deliveroo and Uber Eats, and that’s okay once a week, but the rest of the time it is important to keep your body fuelled and energised, you’ll thank yourself later.



3. Factor in You Time

We are spending a lot of time indoors, which has made it difficult to complete tasks in the space and separate parts of lives. I have definitely found myself feeling guilty for not being ‘productive’, but those feelings are not productive in themselves. Don’t push yourself, and when you need it, take a few hours to do what you want to do. Watch a season fo a show, paint your nails, call your friend, but do not feel guilty for it!



4. Sleep

I am not one to offer advice on this as I am at the mercy of a brain that decides 3am is the best time to plan the rest of my life! But sleeping and doing so at a reasonable time is vital to ensure your body is fit enough to get you through the day, both mentally and physically. I am still trying, but it is a slow battle and an important one in keeping on top of your health in what feels like lockdown number 52!


Melina Williams

Nottingham '22

Blogger for Nottingham 20/21 Second year English student Loves coffee, reading and marmite toast!
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