Scrap the Diet: Speedy Indulgent Snacks

Every January we’re bombarded by articles, adverts and social media posts telling us that now is the time to lose weight, stop drinking and get a ‘summer ready’ body. But with temperatures dipping below zero, exams causing stress and Christmas chocolate still to eat, surely the first few months of 2017 should be about treating ourselves.

If on the other hand, you’re rocking your New Year’s resolution, smashed dry January or making the most of your gym membership, then well done! And remember, everything in moderation, so treat yourself as a little well done from me.


Creamier and luxurious than your normal hot chocolate but nearly as quick and easy. This is also a perfect way to use up any left-over Christmas chocolate. Maybe mix it up with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange to add a zing to your bedtime!

I added a teaspoon of chocolate powder to this recipe for both colour and flavour which worked a treat, but unfortunately, I can’t show you a photo because I got too excited and drank it all before I remembered!



Be warned, a serious sweet tooth is needed for this gooey treat. Simply mix together the store cupboard ingredients and any extras, whether they be chocolates, nuts or dried fruit, and you’re done! Dive in with a spoon or share with friends and either way, enjoy.

When I treat myself to this cookie dough, I tend not to add milk because my mix hasn’t needed it.



Soft and chocolatey. Can you think of anything more comforting?  All it takes is Nutella, eggs and self-raising flour for perfect brownies - fresh from the oven, in under 30 minutes. By halving the recipe, the ingredients make an individual sized dessert that would be perfect enjoyed hot with ice cream. Alternatively, keep the full measurements for a bigger batch. Also, feel free to jazz up this simplest of recipes with extra ingredients like chocolate chips or nuts, for example.


MAC ‘N’ CHEESE IN AN MUG Cheese is, without doubt, the love of my life. So mac and cheese in ten minutes, with limited washing up, is the thing of dreams. This quick microwave recipe makes a perfect lunchtime portion of pasta with a thick creamy sauce but do take the authors advice and use a big mug or even a bowl because my mug overflowed a lot. I added some Dijon mustard to my pasta to give it an extra dimension and make it even more indulgent, an extra step that I would highly recommend!



Nachos are one of my go to choices at restaurants; the thought of guacamole, salsa, Pico de Gallo and sour cream balancing on top of the cheesiest nacho is just too good to resist! I had to develop a recipe to use at home.

I used Lightly Salted Doritos, laying them out on a plate and covering them in extra mature cheddar (or any cheese of your choice) which I then heated in the microwave until the cheese was melted and bubbling. You could also use a grill for this stage. I then added mountains of shop bought guac, salsa and sour cream, but homemade would have been just as good and potentially cheaper. Either way, this snack is perfect for all occasions from a revision session to a movie night, adding an indulgent twist to a standard bag of crisps.


You may be noticing a pattern of cheese related recipes here but I’m not ashamed. We all deserve a little bit of luxury every now and hot melted camembert on fresh crusty bread with a side of red onion chutney certainly delivers on that. Again, this recipe is incredibly quick and simple but the results are too dreamy for words.

If you’re feeling especially fancy, then you could try topping your camembert with mango chutney before you bake it in the oven or cranberry sauce if you’re already missing Christmas. It may sound strange but trust me it’s a winner!


I hope you enjoy indulging yourself in the bleakness of February, whether that be in between gym sessions, stuck in your room behind a pile of books or on the endless search for procrastinating activities.

Edited by Susan Akyeampong