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Review: EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo

Whilst high street shopping for general makeup can be a bit of a test in research skills and restraint for the ethical consumer, shopping around for makeup brushes couldn’t be easier since ethical and affordable brands such as Real Techniques, B. Beauty and EcoTools have managed to dominate the market. Having already tested out some of their face brushes, I thought it was time to invest (if you can even call £6.99 an “investment”) in some of EcoTools’ eye brushes too.

What initially attracted me to these brushes were their obvious and appealing “branding” techniques: the phrase “eco” in the name, the floral packaging and the earthy but modern bamboo handles help to push forward the clear message that they are an ethically conscious brand. Lo and behold, the EcoTools website also boasts this message by informing us that they are PETA certified, they use recycled aluminium, plastic and bamboo, AND are conscious about what they’re packaging is made of- now that’s a lot to take in! If you’re not already convinced that this brand is great, then allow me to rave about the product I’m reviewing today; their eye enhancing duo set!

As you can see the set comes with two brushes, each double-sided with a brush to “blend”, “define”, “shade” and “smudge”. So far I’ve found the “define” brush perfect for eyeliner, and the rest extremely versatile when creating different eye looks. The double-ended brushes make it really easy to experiment and are a delight to travel with! From previous experience I knew of the durability of the brushes (I’ve been using their concealer brush for at least two years without any loose bristles!) and this set has not let me down so far! The bristles feel suuuuper soft, durable and seem to pack a lot of punch when it comes to holding product. Overall I’d say these brushes make a really great budget option if you want something that’s ethical and reliable!

Edited by: Jessica Greaney

Image Sources: Writers own

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